Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morning Dump


TCU sells out season football tickets for first time Star-Telegram

TCU sets season ticket record with sell out ESPN

TCU sells full allotment of 30k season tickets Austin American-Statesman

Most indispensable player at TCU: QB Casey Pachall ESPN


Coats has chance to set even more school records Star-Telegram

Men's Golf:

Frogs open up NCAA Regional play today in Michigan

TCU's best ever? Brun's play as a freshman says, 'Oui' Star-Telegram

Athletic Department:

Chris Del Conte's Notes on a Scorecard


purplepeopleater said...

So the school sold 30k season tickets. BUT how many of those tickets are just ending up on stubhub for $200-$300 a game. I hope we dont have a bunch of empty seats when the season rolls around.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I understand the cynicism, but let's try to be positive people. When I was in school the Tech game in 2006 was the first sellout at AGC in 22 years. Now we've sold out the stadium in season tickets! I'm sure not every seat will be full for every game, and some seats will inevitably fall into enemy hands. But that happens at every school. This is a watershed moment for TCU and really drives home how much all of CGP's hard work has paid off. The team has to be incredibly excited knowing the stadium is sold out for every home game.

Lyle Lanley said...

I think the official motto of TCU fans should be "We'd find a way to complain about winning a national championship"