Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let the countdown begin!

A friend of Spit Blood recently launched a new tumblr site, 2012 College Football Countdown, that's sole purpose is to (you guessed it) count down to the beginning of the 2012 college football season.  And even though there are 108 torturous days until the Frogs' season opener against Grambling, there are just 99 days until the first games kick off on Thursday, August 30th.

What will make this site so fun- other than marking another 24 hours gone from the prison sentence called the offseason- is that they've added a comments section to each post.  So, for instance, if you saw the picture above of a Wisconsin player denoting our current status of being 99 days away from kickoff- you've got an open forum to once again claim Pasadena scoreboard or tell everyone how terrible Badger fans are. 

So share this with fans of teams all across the country, and we can all count down to football season with bragging on our team and shit talking other teams.  You know, the reason college football was invented.

They're on twitter, too: @NCAAFcountdown

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