Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Lessons in SMU Hate: Rape, Revisited.

It's only fitting that not ONE WEEK after I declared an indefinite hiatus on Lessons in SMU Hate until a lesson was deemed necessary, the little engine that could not possibly be any more loathsome became just that.  By now if you only have one take away from these lessons we at spitblood certainly hope that it is that SMU is a vile, vile place that enables the worst behavior from America's enabled youth.  We know they cover up drug overdoses on campus;  say what you will about the TCU drug bullshit, at least action was taken before someone wound up in a Waco, TX port-a-potty.  We know they lie, cheat and steal to get their way; seriously, Craig James thinks he is a viable candidate to run for Congress-where do you think he learned to be a naive asshole?  But now come allegations so disturbing that, given the target, they almost have to be true.  Yep, SMU has now graduated from training America's next generation of white collar criminals to incubating America's next generation of serial rapists.

Yes, you read that right.

In a recent report from SMU's version of the Skiff - HISS!! HISS!! BOO!! - it was revealed that, over the past 25 years, 100 SMU students have reported being raped.  100.  One, zero, zero.  So, one would think, "Hmm, a campus with well-to-do students who can afford the best legal prosecution money can buy...  Even accounting for dropped cases where the victim is just trying to cover up gettin' drunk and whorin' around, you'd think at least, what, 25% of cases would result in some sort of penalty, right?"  Nope, one.  ONE case resulted in legal prosecution and I'm not even sure you can count it:  in this instance, the victim was assaulted off campus, therefore creating a situation where actual, bonafide authorities HAD to become involved.  In every other reported case, no legal justice was brought for a felony offense.  It sounds ludicrous, but this is SMU we're talking about, the same school that still claims Jeff Skilling as a famous alumni.  Seriously, look it up.  If you aren't familiar with his work, Google "Jeff Skilling", "Enron" and "federal pound me in the ass prison."  The dots will connect themselves.  See what I mean about that whole "white collar criminal training school" thing?

So why haven't any of these rape cases reached the judicial system? The easy answer is because SMU uses a campus controlled kangaroo court to cover up the charges in order to keep things hush hush, thus preserving the "idyllic" image they have of their school, scenically situated on the on ramp of Mockingbird Lane and Highway 75.  The hard answer is... pretty much the same as the easy answer, actually.  A brief history lesson...

In 1991, an SMU student accused another of an on campus sexual assault.  Rather than pursue the proper legal channels for such an accusation, SMU decided to keep the case in house.  Before a panel that included one administrator, one faculty member and 3 SMU students - can you IMAGINE getting assaulted on campus and then having some dickhead from your intro to musical theater class deciding your fate? - the accused was found guilty... only for that verdict to be overturned by ANOTHER panel - this time they added an extra admin and faculty member, you know, for extra DERP - once lawsuits were threatened and SMU wet their collective breeches, and that was that.  Case closed, justice for the victim was anything but served.  Making it worse?  The victim wasn't even allowed to testify.  Yes, that's right - SMU preached that their system was just because it allowed the victim to give their side of the story in a closed environment, then didn't allow that person to testify and a potential rapist goes free.  Is that where you would want your child going to school?  It may be 20 years ago, but things haven't changed - in 2006, SMU was sued for their mishandling of an on-campus rape case... by the accused party!  That's right, SMU can't protect the students and doesn't allow EITHER party a right to a fair trial.  I've heard of double jeopardy, but double incompetence?  That's a new one, Ponies.  They settled out of court, and refuse to discuss the matter further.  Hmmm...

Among the many issues with this archaic, campus sponsored system is the glaring one that school administrations aren't qualified to assess a case of this magnitude, and, in the case of a guilty verdict, lack the authority to dole out an effective punishment.  In a federal rape case the maximum sentence is life imprisonment.  In the Krusty School of Law Approved SMU Kangaroo Court?  Expulsion.  That's IT.  As Dallas' assistant DA at the time said, "It would seem to be that if I were a rapist, the place to go would be college because what can they do to me?  Kick me out of school?"  I think that actually headlines all SMU marketing materials for the 2012 school year.

But lest you think I'm dredging up old-tyme hate and framing it as current all for the sake of disparaging SMU's good name - a practice I am most CERTAINLY not beyond, I assure you - a few more tidbits.  Since 2006, 40 SMU students have reported being raped.  Of those 40 cases, SMU refuses to reveal if any even went before a judicial panel, let alone were taken seriously enough to warrant a conviction.  Seriously, SMU publicly acknowledges all drug, weapons and alcohol cases and specifies how the matter was handled, but for rape cases?  It's all "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," all the time.  In fact, according to the story, SMU rarely even makes a description of the accused available if they are a student.  How can this be?

It really boils down to this:  College campuses like SMU are run by narrow minded, insulated, pompous and unethical figures who are so beyond the point of arrogance that not only do they think they should hold any and all authority when it comes to legal proceedings, they're also willing to tamper with the truth in order to save their cushy jobs.  FORTY sexual assault cases in six years, all with President Gerald Turner at the Helm;  in fact, of the 100 cases in 25 years reported, Turner was in charge for 17 of those years.  Call me crazy, but if I was unable to foster a work place environment where my employees could walk outside without having to pull out their rape whistles, I'd probably be fired and behind bars. Not to mention if, once the allegations were brought before me, I looked the other way. In a quote from the perfectly named Selena Dong regarding a case at another school, apparently a victim was told to keep their rape allegations an internal matter because if she went public the school informed her they would not stand behind her. That's a pretty atrocious allegation, and I'm by no means saying this is what happened at SMU... but when 100 sexual assault cases fail to see the light of a courtroom, I wonder...

It's sad, guys.  It really is sad.  We've been down this road with these guys before, and we're going down it again.  We've always known their outward arrogance and pride has been an elaborate ploy to cover up a disgusting, depraved underbelly, but to see it play out like this?  I know it wasn't beyond them to cover up drug deaths; after all, you can't necessarily trace the source of the drugs back to the school, and anyone dumb enough to take drugs to the point that their body system shut down is clearly beyond repair.  But covering up student on student rape?  That's low, man.  That's REAL low.  Like, so low I honestly didn't want to believe what I was reading, but it's all there, in boldface type.  So next time you're driving by SMU and the hairs on the back of your neck prickle up because you can sense evil in the area, just remember that 4 students at SMU are raped every year on average without receiving any real retribution. If they fail to protect, then cover up crimes against their own kind, what are they going to do when it happens to you, an outsider?

And that's today's lesson in SMU Hate.  Aah, it feels good to say it again.


LT4heisman said...

That's pretty interesting. Never knew rapists were so rapey over there. Guess that's the point though, eh?

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