Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: Iowa State Baseball

Iowa State at-a-glance:
-Program founded: 1892
-Program disbanded: 2001
-All-time record: 1,346-1,412-17
-2 College World Series appearances
-5 NCAA Tournament appearances
-2 All-Americans

People affiliated with other conferences are sure to laugh at the 10-team Big 12 during football and basketball season, but that misnomer will be one notch more inaccurate during baseball season as the league will only field 9 teams.  Iowa State, never much of a heavyweight on the diamond, deemed the sport non-essential and cut their baseball program during a budget-purge at the behest of Timothy Busfield in April of 2001- apparently James Earl Jones was late for the meeting

Because of the odd number of teams in the baseball conference, there will be one team each week next year that will need to schedule weirdly-timed non-conference series late in the season, like TCU's recent sweep of Manhattan.

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