Friday, May 18, 2012

Great Moments in SMU Hate

Hey Orsini, I think my office is looking for interns...
Perhaps yesterday's biggest sports schadenfreude for you was the Heat's complete meltdown in Indianapolis, and I'd certainly agree that watching that brought me a lot of joy.  But as scalding hot as NBA hate gets at times, it's still not as deeply entrenched in my heart as college football hate, so I was even more amused to see the unexpected news that SMU had fired their athletic director, Steve Orsini.  Normally I'd let Sir Wesley Willis cover a story like this in his fabulous "Lessons in SMU Hate" series, but he's not around today and this isn't really a lesson as much it is a celebration.

Why is this such a good thing?  Well, for one, SMU's recent mini-athletic resurgence appears to have been largely built on debt.  A few weeks ago, the SMU Daily Campus reported that the school's athletic department had lost...wait for it... $113 million over the past seven years.   Those high-profile hirings of June Jones and Larry Brown? Largely financed by wealthy donors.  That's nice and all that they have donors will to throw money at the athletic department, but the need for alumni to help the athletic department make payroll is a clear indication that Mustang athletics isn't quite the sturdiest ship in the college athletics ocean.  It's also kind of funny because if SMU alum Jeff Skilling weren't already in jail, his criminal accounting techniques could've been relied upon to paint a very different portrait of the department's financial situation and today would probably just be another day at the office for Orsini.

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that this move is a result of an ongoing feud between Orsini and SMU president Gerald Turner.  The rumor sent our way from a friend of Spit Blood that, for legal reasons we want to clarify we can't prove or disprove, is that Orsini was overheard drunkenly disparaging his boss at a social function over the weekend.   The school has reportedly already launched a national search for his replacement- and while I'm sure there are plenty of SMU alumni that will be willing to give Daddy's money to pay the new AD, how many top-notch execs are going to want to step into this atmosphere right as the school moves into the shaky-as-ever Big East?

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Just hire Dan Beebe. That'll be funny.