Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Foltz name to "The Freak List"

Every year around this time, Bruce Feldman (who is now at CBS because ESPN didn't like him exposing Craig James as the douche-bag that he is to the entire world) puts out a list of the top 10 athletes in college football who display incredible athleticism or ridiculous work ethic in the weight room.  Coming in at #9 on this year's "Freak List" is TCU's own Blaize Foltz.  Here's Feldman's assessment of the senior right guard:

The Horned Frogs O-line had a Freak a few years back in agile giant Marcus Cannon (a 350-pounder who could do a double front flip off a diving board.) Foltz, a first-team All-MWC guard in 2011, doesn't possess that kind of flexibility, but he's probably as strong as any man in college football. The 6-4, 310-pound movement science major benches 580 pounds, squats 800, incline benches 530 and has cleaned 430. "Honestly, we've gotten to a point where we stop him now for safety sake," says TCU O-line coach Eddie Williamson. "He could probably do even more than what those numbers indicate if we didn't."  


purplepeopleater said...

Well if I ever need a motorcycle loaded on to my truck I know who to call.

Frogger98 said...

No crap. That article makes him sound like Larry Allen. I always thought the under-reported story of the Rose Bowl was how good TCU's offensive line played. Hopefully this year he leads the line to level of play again.

SuperSweet HornedFrog said...

sounds like my highschool workout days..