Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Discussion: Kurt Thomas

I realize that a large chunk of Spit Blood readers are still fully engaged in this year's NBA Playoffs- whether they be Spurs fans, Supersonics fans or the special kind of human garbage that latch on to flashy superstars like Lebron or Kobe and pretend to be fans of a team that is based in a city that they've never actually spent two consecutive nights in.  But those of us that root for the (still world champion for now) Mavericks have already moved on to full-fledged offseason mode as Cubes and Donnie figure out a way to rebuild.

This is also the case up in Portlandia, where the formerly up & coming Trailblazers pretty much fell off the face of the earth this year.  The Portland newspaper is now asking their readers to play the part of Blazers GM and decide who should stay from this year's roster and who should hit the Oregon Trail.  They sent a cameraman out (presumably on bike) to gauge the interest in bringing back Kurt Thomas, the only remaining Horned Frog in the NBA:

Even though a good amount of those people seemed to be in favor of having Thomas suit up for Portland next year in what would be his 19th NBA season, over 68% of the voters on Oregonlive.com said "cacao" to the idea

So what do you think, Spit Blood readers & NBA fans?  Does Thomas have a place with the Blazers next year?  What about with any team?  Would you value his experience and leadership and save a spot on the end of the bench for your favorite team?

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SnK said...

He can come Michael Finley his way to a title in SA if he wants, but I'd rather another team be paying him to do so.