Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big 12 Orientation, Week 6: Oklahoma

This week we're back to profiling a school that is oddly referred to by its inverse initials.  I couldn't tell you why the University of Oklahoma is shortened to the colloquial "OU", but it's kind of fitting since it's the flagship university of such a backward state anyway.

The university was founded in 1890 on 407 acres donated to the state from the residents of Norman.  Today, OU has a total enrollment of 30,303 and ranks 101st on US News & World Report's list of best colleges in America.  It is one of the few Big 12 schools that can compete with TCU in terms of endowment funds, but OU's $1.2 billion is obviously not nearly as big as TCU's when you look at it proportionally to enrollment.

Here are a few videos to get your better acquainted with our new friends north of the Red, and Sir Wesley ought to be profiling their football program later today:

...and this one, which wouldn't let me embed but you need to watch.


SnK said...

Wow, I'm very glad/annoyed that I clicked that link. That ranks up there on the gay meter with any of the Baylor or Aggie videoes I've seen, maybe worse. Just awful.

LOLfolding said...

The quidditch club members are even laughing at that nonsense.

purpleheart said...

What SnK said, plus so much more.
And to think ALL of that trash will be in our stadium this year.

purpleheart said...
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