Monday, May 21, 2012

Big 12 Orientation Week 5: Oklahoma State Football

Too easy...

Oklahoma State Football At-A-Glance:
  • First year of football was 1901, joined the Southwest Conference in 1915.  
  • All time record of 533-523-48
  • 11 conference championships (most being Missouri Valley Conference champs, so mark that under who gives a shit).  One outright Big 12 title, which was obviously last season.
  • No national championships, but maybe that would've had a shot had they not shit the bed against Iowa State last year.
  • 14-8 bowl record, most recently winning the Fiesta Bowl last season. 
  • 1 Heisman winner (Barry Sanders, 1988).  
History With TCU:  11-9-2 lifetime record for Okie Lite lifetime against TCU with the most recent meeting dating back to 1993, a game won 27-22 by the Cowboys in Stillwater.  There was also a 1945 Cotton Bowl meeting, but the Frogs didn't fare so well in that one either, falling 34-0.  My memory of that game is pretty hazy though, since my parents weren't even born yet, so it didn't really happen in my mind.  In fact, if we haven't played since 1993, let's just wipe the slate clean and start fresh in the Big 12.  

Famous Ex-Cowboys:

Barry Sanders.  Remember him?  He was pretty damn good until he got sick of playing in Detroit and retired in his prime.  Can't fault the guy- it's Detroit.

Thurman Thomas.  He was REALLY good at losing Super Bowls.

Brandon Weeden.  The oldest major college football QB since Scott Bakula led the Texas State Armadillo's to a successful season in 1991 in the cinematic masterpiece "Necessary Roughness".  Currently, Weeden the geriatric is in the process of inevitably taking Colt McCoy's job from him and Cleveland and forcing him to go back to working at his family drug store.  

Dez Bryant.  He underachieves, can't seem to wear his pants around his waist, claims his dad is a pimp, and has amassed an unfathomable amount of jewelry debt.  Did I miss anything?

Justin Blackmon.  He's Dez, minus the headache that comes with being Dez.

Recent History:  Last year was obviously the most successful season in Cowboy's history, and they're currently in a stretch under Mike Gundy that has been arguably the best run of football their program has ever seen, winning 9 games or more in each of the last 4 seasons with the crowning achievement being the Fiesta Bowl victory last season.  As most of your probably recall, prior to Gundy, Les Miles started to pave the way for an up and coming program, then inexplicably his mediocrity was hired away to eat grass on the sidelines in Baton Rouge.  It should also be noted that it hasn't hurt their program to have T. Boone Pickens sinking his billions into their state of the art facilities.  One thing T. Boone can't do anything about, though, is the fact that it's still Stillwater, Oklahoma and nobody in their right mind would ever want to spend 4 years there.  

2012 Outlook:  Obviously Oklahoma State is losing a lethal combination that carried them the past couple of seasons in Weeden and Blackmon, but they do return leading rusher Joseph Randle (1,216 yards, 24 TD's last year), so the cupboard isn't bare.  There could be some serious growing pains in Stillwater this year, however, as they plan to start true freshman Wes Lunt at QB.  Oklahoma State's defense ranked #107 nationally last year, but was #1 in forcing turnovers, so they're opportunistic and they're going to need to be in order to shorten the field for their young QB.  Oklahoma State always seems to have some sort of superstar at WR, so look for the Blackmon void to be filled by one of several options, such as Tracy Moore or Isaiah Anderson.  Personally, I'm not too worried about the 2012 Cowboys, but Gundy is a proven coach and a late October trip to Stillwater could prove to be tricky.  I think it's a game we need to win if we want to put together the kind of season we all imagine is possible though.  


Hornedfrog1982 said...

How did you forget Dexter Manley. He of the great Washington Redskins and admitted functionally illiterate fame. I think he is the poster boy for no child left behind because he got left behind all the way though Oki light.

U.S. Senate Subcommittee Hearing

In an article by Taylor Branch entitled "The Shame of College Sports", prior to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Education, Arts, and Humanities in 1989, Manley was famously quoted as saying that he had been functionally illiterate in college.

LOLfolding said...

Your briefing on Dez Bryant is hilarious, spot on.