Monday, May 21, 2012

Big 12 Orientation, Week 5: Oklahoma State

We now move on to the teams within a reasonable driving distance of Fort Worth, starting this week with Oklahoma State.  It's my opinion that the Southwest Conference should've been proactive back in the early 90s to stave off extinction, and that the Cowboys ought to have been one of the expansion targets.  But while having these night vision goggles would've been really cool to have in the conference as kids, I guess it's even better to have them now.  Now we'll just have to see if they want to go do karate in the garage.

OSU was founded as the Oklahoma Territorial Agricultural and Mechanical College back in 1890, seventeen years before Oklahoma officially became a state.  Oklahoma A&M, which actually was in the SWC from 1914-1924, changed its name to Oklahoma State in 1957 and joined the Big 8 three years later.   Their current enrollment of 21,419 will make OSU the third-smallest school in the Big 12 once TCU officially joins in July.   US News & World Report ranks Oklahoma State as the 132nd best college in America.

The endowment of Oklahoma State is a modest $350 million, but they have gained a reputation for a much-improved cash flow in recent years because of T. Boone Pickens.  More than just a passing mention in American Psycho, Pickens has given or pledged about half a billion dollars to his alma mater since 2006- three years after the football stadium was renamed in his honor.

If you're somehow under the impression that Cowboy fans do not partake in meth and/or paint thinner when they party on game day, these next two videos ought to set you straight:

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Travis said...

Okie Lite and West Fuckin' Virginia should be a fan favorite!