Monday, May 14, 2012

Big 12 Orientation, Week 4: Kansas

This week, we move across the Sunflower State to focus on the first team that the Frogs will face as an official Big 12 member: the Kansas Jayhawks.

First a bit about the University of Kansas...shouldn't they call it UK instead of KU?  Backward as it might be, the school was established in 1865.  As part of its deal with the state, the city of Lawrence had to provide $15,000 and 40 acres of land.  How much would a city pay now to have a flagship state university? Kansas is one of the few Big 12 schools with an endowment in the b-b-b-BILLIONS, as their $1.25B made from selling old baseball cards puts them right on par with TCU in that department.  Just under 30,000 students attend what US News & World Report calls the 101st best college in America.

Athletically, the Jayhawks placed 72nd in last year's NACDA Director's Cup standings, fueled by an overall budget of $67.2 million.  Their sporting identity is a bit unique in the Big 12 in that they are the league's only true basketball school.  I'm not going to disparage basketball here, because Lord knows I love the sport and I'd kill (just a hobo, not a real person) for TCU to have the kind of hoops accomplishments as Kansas.  But you have to wonder about a fan base that eschews the traditional sporting priority to the degree of Jayhawk fans.  Here's the hottest girl at KU explaining just how ready for basketball their fans are every year right at the beginning of the meat of the conference football schedule:


Sir Wesley Willis said...

It's funny, because their season ended in failure.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

But yes, their version of campus news REALLY needs a Daigle

Travis said...

Daigle's don't grow on trees in the state of Kansas like they do around these parts.