Monday, May 7, 2012

Big 12 Orientation, Week 3: Kansas State

The third installment of our Big 12 orientation course will focus on the school that probably resents TCU's entry to the conference based solely on school colors: Kansas State.  The Wildcats' monopoly on the color purple (the color, not the book) will come to a close when the Horned Frogs officially join the conference on July 1.

Kansas State University was founded in 1863 as the Kansas State Agricultural College and admitted an equal number of men and women from the very beginning- an extreme rarity at the time.  The school's name changed in 1931 to Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science.  It didn't become Kansas State University until 1959.  Today KSU has an enrollment of 23,863, an endowment of $374 million and ranks 143rd (tied with UAB and Ole Miss, amongst others) on US News and World Report's list of best colleges in America. 

As an athletic department, the Wildcats finished 58th in the 2011 NACDA Director's Cup standings- by far their best ranking of the past five years and an marked improvement from their finish of 123rd in 2010.  Before joining the Big 12 in 1996, KSU was a member of the Big 8 from 1928-1995 and the Kansas and Missouri Valley Intercollegiate Athletic Associations before that.

Just about all of the things I said about Iowa State fans last week could be inserted here to describe my thoughts on KSU fans.  Is it crazy for me to lump all of these midwesterners together, or is it crazy for all of these sparsely populated states to have the same amount of senators as Texas?  Below is a video that ought to tell you all you need to know about Kansas State, but be sure to share your first impressions of the Wildcats in the comments section:


Froggy said...

I like the iTunes visualization background. I know Aggie won't forget their power towels in the SEC.

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