Friday, May 25, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: Oklahoma State's famous alumni

In addition to the ex-Cowboy athletes mentioned earlier in the week and of course T. Boone Pickens, below are a few of the well-known OSU alumni you might see wearing that blinding, crossing-guard orange at a future meeting between the Pokes and Frogs:

Garth Brooks- Sometimes it's easy to forget just how huge this guy has been over the course of his career.  To date, he's sold about 128 million records...which is just a little bit more than U2 and Elton John...combined.  Before he became famous in country music and for looking oddly like Mavericks' GM Donnie Nelson, Brooks threw javelin for the OSU track team and earned a degree in advertising in 1984.

Ed Roberts- If you already knew who this guy was, you're probably a huge nerd.  Known as the "Father of the Personal Comptuer", Roberts is quite the legend in the technology world.  His Altair 8800 was one of the first home computers available for purchase by the general public, and the popularity of the product inspired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to develop software for it that became the first products of a little company called Microsoft. 

Gary Busey-  You always wondered what kind of environment could produce someone as batshit crazy as Busey, didn't you?  Turns out, it's Stillwater.  Before his acting career that has included roles in Point Break, Rookie of the Year, Under Siege and an oscar nominated performance in The Buddy Holly Story, Busey dropped out of Oklahoma State one class credit short of graduation. 

Hoyt Axton-  You might remember Axton as the Dad from Gremlins, but his acting career was always more of a side project to his work as a folk singer.  He put out 22 albums between 1962 and 1990, and you probably would recognize this little ditty he wrote that was made famous by Three Dog Night. 

Chester Gould- The longtime newspaper cartoonist and creator of Dick Tracy, the native of Pawnee, Oklahoma graduate from Northwestern after having spent his first two years at what was then called Oklahoma A&M.

James Marsden-  After dropping out of OSU after a year and a half to pursue a career in Hollywood, Marsden made his acting debut in a 1993 TV movie about the Branch Davidians' standoff with the ATF and Waco.  Since then he's become a bit more famous after landing a role in Zoolander, as Cyclops in the X Men movies and more recently as Liz Lemon's new boyfriend, Criss Chros, on 30 Rock.

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