Thursday, May 24, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: Oklahoma State's other sports

Like Iowa State, the Pokes up at Okie Lite seem to have an infatuation with wrestling...or as I assume most of them say it, 'wrastlin'.  I'll still never understand the allure of watching two boys play Twister with each other- but I guess if you're going to spend the money to field teams in non-marquee sports, you might as well have a trophy case filled with hardware.  OSU's got that, as I assume that dusting off their 34 wrestling national championship trophies is a full-time job.

Cowboy fans, with their gigantic inferiority complex due to OU's dominance on the football field, are probably quick to point out that they've won 50 total team national titles- the 4th most of any Division 1 school in the nation.  On top of those 34 won by the wrestling team, they've won 10 men's golf titles, 3 in cross country, 2 in men's basketball and 1 in baseball.  Neato.

One of the earliest memories I have of Oklahoma State sports from childhood is being terrified of their mascot, which looks like the Cousin Eddie version of the creepy king from Burger King.  OSU fans would defend this creepiness with the semi-cool story of Pistol Pete's origins in Stillwater, but I'd counter that my pointing out that Pistol Pete is also the mascot at both Wyoming and New Mexico State.  That's good company!

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SnK said...

Yeah, they're good at golf. They breed dbags like Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan though.