Friday, May 11, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: Kansas State's famous alumni

There are more than 150,000 living alumni of Kansas State University. What familiar faces might you see cheering for the Wildcats against the Frogs?

 -Kirstie Alley.  Before she became famous for being famously fat, before she was in the Look Who's Talking movies and before Cheers, the Wichita native Alley was a student at Kansas State.  Lately, she's just been looking for her fat pants

-Deloss Dodds.  You probably thought he went to UT, didn't you?  He's been the AD down in Austin since 1981 and may be the most influential on-campus executive in college sports, having driven off A&M (and created a space for TCU) in the Big 12 with the bark is way bigger than its bite Longhorn Network.  Before that, though, Dodds was the AD at Kansas State from 1977 to 1981.  Prior to that, he was the head cross country coach at KSU for 13 years, leading the Wildcats to six Big 8 titles.  As a student-athlete at KSU, Dodds was the Big 8 champion in the quarter mile in 1959. 

-Eddie Griffin.  That's right, Undercover Brother went to Kansas State...although he dropped out after just three months to pursue a career in comedy and acting.  Lately, he's been sharing his thoughts on interracial marriage

-Paul C. Fisher.  He invented the space pen, which was useful for astronauts, spoiled children who wanted to enrage their parents by writing on the ceiling while laying on the top bunk of their bunk beds, and the writers of Seinfeld who so masterfully worked it into an episode of the show's third season.

-Erin Brockovich.  To be completely honest, I don't really know exactly why Erin Brockovich is famous.  They did make a very overrated movie about her, though, in which Julia Roberts took attention away from her freakishly large mouth by showing off cartoonish cleavage the entire time.  Distraction: success.  The real Erin Brockovich grew up in Lawrence, Kansas, and briefly attended KSU.     

-Eric Stonestreet.  He is known best for his Emmy-winning role as Cameron Tucker on ABC's Modern Family, but his early acting career saw Stonestreet playing guest roles on numerous hit shows like CSI, The West Wing and well as a role playing "Beer Gut" in a 2008 movie called Ninja Cheerleaders.  He grew up in Kansas City and graduated from KSU in 1996.  You may actually see him at a game, as he was reportedly at the Cotton Bowl last year. 

-Earl Woods.  Prior to his death in 2006, Earl was best known for being the father of Tiger Woods.  Before he groomed his son to become a championship golfer, though, Earl was quite the athlete himself.  He became the first African-American baseball player in 1951 when he made his debut with Kansas State, and would go on to earn two varsity letters with the Wildcats before graduating from KSU in 1953.

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Tanner said...

I think Cam was a guest picker on College Game Day last year. I'm sure it was similar to when Turtle from Entourage was on though, where nobody bothered learning their real names.