Friday, May 11, 2012

Big 12 Orientation: K-State's other sports

Talent level: meh
While looking for something worthwhile to write about Kansas State's non-marquee sports, I noticed a bit of an oddity about the Wildcat athletic department.  They field just 14 varsity teams, the least in the Big 12.  I'm not sure their fans are missing out on much by not having a men's tennis team to cheer for, but why not field one if you've already got a women's team and a facility?

Seriously, though- TCU, a school of less than 10,000 total students and to this point just the meager TV money that a membership in the MWC afforded us, fields 18 varsity sports on an athletic budget of $52 million.  Kansas State, a university of over 23,000 that averages almost 50,000 paid attendance at football games, fields 14 varsity squads on an athletic budget of $51.5 million.  Add in the fact that the Big 12 isn't nearly as far-flung as the MWC, and those assumed smaller travel costs make it seem as if our friends in Manhattan may be mismanaging their money.

The other stat that makes Kansas State an outlier in their own conference is the fact that the Wildcats have never won a national anything...ever.  Hell, even Tech and Baylor have gotten on the national title scoreboard in recent(ish) years due to some sport they call "women's basketball".  So while we laughingly have "rifle" as our answer to "everyone's got to be #1 in something", the other purple-wearing team in the conference would probably kill for that honor.


SuperMAN of STEEL said...

I know it's been a long time, but a little NCAA Football Championship from 1938 shouldn't be lost on anyone.

Travis said...

1935 as well.