Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thomas named one of the NBA's dirtiest

Get your blood pressure medication and excuses for being late to work ready: it's just about NBA Playoff time.  Since you're sure to develop a deep-seated hatred for at least one player in the coming weeks, the folks at thought they'd give you a glimpse at who might be the most likely target of your unhealthy resentment by releasing a list of the dirtiest players in the NBA- as voted on by the players themselves. 

Coming in at #8 on the list is TCU's own Kurt Thomas, who unfortunately will not be punctuating his 17th NBA season with a trip to the playoffs as the Portland Trailblazers have had quite the disappointing season after being everyone's pick to upset the eventual champs last spring.

Be on the lookout for more NBA Playoff fun here on Spit Blood as the tournament begins and TNT slowly melts your brain by playing the exact same promo for the same soon-to-be-canceled drama 1,000 times per game.  We'll have plenty of daily discussions as the playoffs progress, and we can at least temporarily forget our common ground as Frog fans as we ruin friendships over our arbitrary allegiances to separate groupings of selfish, entitled millionaire mercenaries.


Tanner said...

this is the first im hearing about Franklin and Bash being cancelled, but its still comforting

Lyle Lanley said...

I bet those Memphis Beat promos were especially annoying to Spurs fans while they were getting beat by Memphis last year.