Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Questions revisited: #9

It's often said that the most popular player on a football team is the backup quarterback. That's not necessarily always true- and certainly isn't the case currently at TCU, where Casey Pachall threw for 2,921 yards and 25 TDs last fall on his way to 2nd Team All-MWC honors as a sophomore. His return, along with some of the other dangerous weapons in the Horned Frog offensive arsenal, are a big reason for optimism as TCU heads into the Big 12. But any team is always one snap away from being led by a different signal-caller, which is why QB depth was question #9 heading into the spring.

The end result of this spring's practice sessions is that the Frogs do not have a clear-cut backup QB, and the competition for the #2 job between sophomore Matt Brown and redshirt freshman Trevone Boykin will continue this fall. It is highly likely, even, that we'll see both receive playing time in relief of Pachall.

There are a few ways you can look at this. If you're the pessimistic, "sky is falling" type of fan that most TCU supporters seem to be, this could be taken as a sign that the Frogs are in serious trouble if Pachall goes down because no one has impressed the coaches enough to claim the backup role. Then again, it may be that both have been good enough that the coaching staff cannot yet come to a consensus about which one would be better if thrust into action.

Still a third option is that the coaches know who their #2 guy is for 2012, but are reluctant to slap the "heir apparent" tag on someone right now in an attempt to keep all of the young QBs hungry and determined to become the starter when Pachall eventually departs the program.


Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I think Boykin will end up getting the spot. He's an exceptional athlete, and would probably be a bigger threat in the zone-read package than Matt Brown was last year. Plus, he has a cannon of an arm and could be a true game breaker at the QB position. Many, myself included, are excited about Tyler Matthews, but I wouldn't count out Boykin to start for a couple years after Pachall leaves. Matt Brown might end up transferring because if Boykin beats him out for the backup spot I can't see him getting much playing time in the future.

SwissArmyFrog said...

Whoever gets the No. 2 spot, I hope they give him playing time when available so he won't be so raw if asked to QB for a full game or 2 due to a Pachall injury.

SwissArmyFrog said...
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churchfrog said...

I wonder if Boykin wins the job if they can transition Brown into a slot receiver. He could end up being a cerebral player out there. Not the most physically gifted, but able to make the plays.

Lyle Lanley said...

Cerebral and not the most physically gifted...holy stereotyping, Batman!