Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Questions revisited: #6

For a long time, the excitement of a three and out produced by the TCU defense was immediately followed by the excitement of what could turn into six points at any moment on the punt return. Cory Rodgers, Brian Bonner and Jeremy Kerley made the Frogs one of the most dangerous punt return units in the nation for most of the '00s. Last year, TCU ranked 42nd in the nation in punt return yardage- down from 5th the year before. That's why the punt (and kickoff) return game was the #6 question heading into spring.

The total amount of information that has come out of spring practice on this team is not a lot, but this was one particular area in which we really did not hear much at all. I'd love to be able to tell you all about some young player showing signs of being a return-game prodigy or that one of last year's guys had suddenly figured it all out, but that's just not what we're hearing.

I could only find one mention of the return game anywhere in the various practice reports, and it was that there wouldn't be much change. Seniors Ed Wesley and Skye Dawson, along with sophomore Brandon Carter, remain the top candidates to drop back deep after a defensive stop. Dawson and junior Waymon James are the likely kickoff return men. Patterson did mention that they are working on some things with these guys to make them "tougher mentally and tougher handling the ball"

There will, I'm sure, continue to be plenty of speculation by fans as to who will perform the punt and kick return duties this fall. Along with the guys mentioned, redshirt freshman David Bush and incoming true freshmen Deante' Gray and Jordan Moore also seem to have the speed necessary to be a threat dangerous enough to take a kick back for six.

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Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I think Brandon Carter will earn punt return duties in fall camp. He fumbled some returns last year but has the elusiveness to be Kerley-esque. Dawson and James will return kickoffs. Those freshmen are gonna have a hard time breaking the rotation unless it's garbage time. David Bush is supposed to be a real home run threat with the ball in his hands though, and I think we'll see him get reps at WR.