Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Questions Revisited: #3

Despite the marked improvement that the secondary showed from the beginning to the end of the 2011 season, the Horned Frogs' pass defense is still very much a work in progress. Heading into the spring, there was no sure-fire answer at cornerback, which has always been one of the toughest positions for TCU to recruit. That's why the CBs were the #3 question facing the team back in February.

If anyone embodied the Frogs' defensive improvement last year, it was Jason Verrett. His season got off to a rocky start when Robert Griffin, to use a basketball term, posterized #2 on a number of deep balls. By the end of the season, though, Verrett had gained confidence and was playing up to the potential he'd shown in junior college. That momentum has apparently carried over into the spring, as Patterson has gone on record as saying that Verrett had the best spring of anyone on defense and that he gives the Frogs "a different kind of animal." Sounds like he's solidified his status as the starting field-side corner heading into his junior season.

Sophomore Kevin White came into the spring pencilled in as the starting boundary corner, and Patterson stated that he has "come a long way"- but he's still being pushed for that job by Travoskey Garrett, a redshirt freshman who the coaches raved about in fall practice last year before a knee injury sidelined him for the season.

A lot of fans were hopeful about incoming JUCO transfer Keivon Gamble, who had a reputation as a pure cover corner at that level. It was thought that he might be the biggest threat to steal one of the starting jobs away. If that is going to happen, though, it hasn't yet. Patterson called Gamble "our 5th corner", which would lead one to assume that redshirt freshman Kolby Griffin would be the #4 guy. As we saw last year, though, GP isn't afraid to use a number of different corners while searching for the right guys.

One thing to make you feel a little bit better is this quote from Patterson regarding his cornerbacks:

"We played better at corner this spring than we did at the end of the fall I felt like.”

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Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Verrett definitely seems to be the only sure starter. I think White and Garrett will probably get most snaps at boundary corner. CGP said that Garrett was the only DB that LaDarius Brown wasn't "pushing around" so he must be pretty physical. Can definitely see Kolby Griffin and Gamble fighting for snaps behind Verrett. Lots of really young, talented guys in the secondary. Just gotta get them all hunting together, and that will come with time learning the system.