Thursday, April 5, 2012

Daily Discussion: Play Ball!

While there is no genuine "Opening Day" anymore (the Marlins and Cardinals played last night, the A's and Mariners played last week in Japan and the Rangers and Astros both don't open until tomorrow), today is the first day of multiple MLB games for the 2012 season. Much like we do prior to every TCU football game in the fall, we want to give you the chance to show off your psychic abilities by predicting what will happen this baseball season. We'll take a look back after the season to see who had the most accurate prognostications.

In the comments section, give your predictions for:

-Final regular-season records for both the Rangers and Astros
-Division winners and wild card teams in both leagues
-MVP for both leagues
-Cy Young winner for both leagues
-Rookie of the Year for both leagues
-LCS winners and losers in both leagues
-The 2012 World Series Champions


Chet Steadman said...

1. Rangers: 92-70; Astros: 66-96
2. AL East: Yanks; AL Central: Detroit; AL West: LAA, AL Wild Cards: Rangers & Tampa; NL East: Phils; NL Central: St Louis; NL West: Arizona; NL Wildcards: Braves & Giants
3. NL: Joey Votto; AL: Prince Fielder
4. NL CY: Halladay; AL CY: Felix Hernandez
5. Who knows
6. ALCS: Det over LAA; NLCS: Phils over DBacks
7. Detroit Tigers
8. 100% Lock of the year: CJ Wilson's TV is bigger than yours, even though he doesn't watch tv.

general125 said...

1. Rangers 88-74, Astros 60-102
2. ALE: Yanks
ALC: Detroit
ALW: Angels
WC: Rangers & Tampa
NLE: Philly
NLC: Reds
NLW: Giants?
WC: Braves & Cards
3-5: who the fuck knows?
6: ALCS: Yanks over Rangers;
NLCS: Philly over Reds
7: Yankees (really going out on a limb)

Chet, great #8, but you forgot to ad a "brah" at the end of the CJ Wilson quote.

bnelson said...
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bnelson said...

1. Rangers: 94-68 Astros: 61-101
2. ALE: yanks
ALC: tigers
ALW: rangers
WC: Toronto and angels
NLE: braves
NLC: st Louis
NLW: dbacks
WC: phils and marlins
3. AL: Albert pujols NL: Hanley Ramirez
4. AL: Justin verlander NL: Roy halladay
5. AL: Yu Darvish NL: devin mesoraco
6. Rangers over tigers dbacks over braves
7. Rangers

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

1. Rangers: 92-70; Astros: won't matter
2. AL East: Yankees
ALC: Tigers
ALW: Rangers
WC's: Rays and Red Sox

. NL: Terrible league this year. I'll pick Philly to make the World Series.
3. AL MVP: Robinson Cano
NL MVP: Ryan Braun's HGH dealer

4. AL Cy: David Price
NL Cy: Cliff Lee
5. Yankees over Tigers
Phillies over DBacks

6. Yankees win World Series over DBacks.

SnK said...

Call me crazy, but I think the Astros have a legit go 0-162 this year.

Lyle Lanley said...

Rangers 95-67, Astros 49-113

ALE: Yankees

ALC: Tigers

ALW: Rangers

ALWC: Angels & Rays

NLE: Braves

NLC: Cardinals

NLW: D'Backs

NLWC: Phils & Reds

ALMVP: Longoria NLMVP: Kemp

ALCY: Verlander NLCY: Halladay

ALROY: Yu! NLROY: Matt Carpenter!

ALCS: Rangers over Angels

NLCS: Cardinals over D'Backs

WS: Rangers over Cardinals in 7

Gringo1873 said...

Too much work to answer all these questions.