Sunday, April 1, 2012

Christian gone?

If you're among the two dozen or so people that still consider themselves die-hard TCU basketball fans, then you've probably already received a text about this. Multiple outlets are reporting that Jim Christian has accepted the head coaching job at Ohio.

This could be an elaborate April Fool's Joke, but if it's true we want to wish Coach Christian nothing but the best. It would be a good fit for both parties- Christian was highly successful when he was the head coach at Kent State in the MAC, and Ohio returns just about everybody from the team that made a run to the Sweet 16 this year. I have no doubt that he would succeed with the Bobcats, but I can't help but feeling this would be a PR disaster for TCU- having our coach leave, right as we're about to join the Big 12, for a program in a conference at least a few steps below our new league.

But not so fast, says Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram. He talked to Christian this evening and despite admitting that he'd talked to Ohio, Coach says he hasn't been offered anything.

Obviously, we'll be keeping an eye on this situation tonight, tomorrow, and as far into the week as it drags.


Angry Trey said...

Bruce Pearl!! Get it done Del Conte.

SnK said...

We should try to hire Gregg Popovich. I bet he'd love to come here. #firstdumbsuggestion

Travis said...

Football drives the bus; Patterson leaving would be a PR disaster, this may be a blessing? Wait and see who CDC hires. I am more concerned about the entire game I watched yesterday on the dirt diamond. Wow, the worst I have seen a Frogs baseball team play in quite a long while.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

I wouldn't call it a blessing - JC had some THINLY veiled negative things to say about TCU's commitment to sparkle motion/basketball going forward. Basically, TCU isn't going to do anything as far as upgrades until the team starts winning games, which is a near impossibility given our move to the Big 12. The fact that he left for the exact same amount of money and a lower-prestige job is no bueno and, once SMU hires Larry Brown and he fills out his bench with Phil Jackson and the ghost of John Wooden, the pickings will be slim for a replacement. I think we're all guilty of letting out a collective "meh?" about this news, but as lyle pointed out, having continuity at the HC position was about the only positive we had entering the Big 12. Now we've got nothing. We can all dream big, but you can bet the more attractive coaching candidates aren't going to be exactly lining up to take what is currently the worst job in a basketball "BCS" Conference.