Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Craig James campaign ooopsie

Instead of the 5 hookers from his college days, this GIF depicts Craig James killing his own campaign

Last week, Craig James campaign spokesperson Meredith Turney claimed that "Craig's campaign has momentum" after he picked up the endorsement of Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton, and noted that it "should concern other campaigns" for the U.S. senate seat that the untalented broadcaster is seeking.

Why does it sound so astoundingly appropriate that an SMU grad would allow their sense of self-importance to be inflated by highlighting their aquaintance with someone who is rich with Daddy's money and has a penchant for drunk-driving?

The funny part, though, is that Ms. Walton issued a statement yesterday in which she publicly shot down James' claim that she had endorsed him, and proclaimed her support instead for current lieutenant governor David Dewhurst.

So was this a case of James' idiotic hubris attempting to manipulate a pleasant and friendly but obviously staged conversation into a public show of his hollow political prowess, or did Dewhurst and Walton play Lucy to James' Charlie Brown to watch him land flat on his back? Either way, we always appreciate the opportunity to laugh at him, and we will continue to keep alive the debate of whether or not CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS AT SMU.


SnK said...

Seriously, Craig James is in fact the gift that will never stop giving to TCU fans. What a lousy ass hat.

Suzy Q said...

Ah yes, Craig James - the second highest player that SMU has ever employed. At least Mr. Dickerson is admitting his SMU paycheck.