Thursday, March 29, 2012

Too much Djibouti in the pants!

We'd like to send a special shout out to a good friend of Spit Blood, 1st Lt. Matt Colia of the US Army, who is seen above displaying his Horned Frog pride (on the right) along with fellow TCU alumni Captain Douglas Yates (center) and 1st Lt. Joshua Kane (left) while they are stationed at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti.

We're all proud of you, Matt, and can't wait for you to get back to Fort Worth sometime soon. I'm sure you'll get tired of people asking "Where's Djibouti?" so I'll try to help you out by directing some of our less-informed readers (whose knowledge of Djibouti is limited to that one Coke Zero commercial) to read about the country on wikipedia or maybe even some other, more credible website.

Keep up the good work over there, guys, and Go Frogs!


VikingFrog said...

Thanks for your service boys.

Frogzilla said...

Matt Colia = One Hardcore Pledge Trainer