Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tank at the NFL Combine

We've been so busy with the baseball team's early struggles and the basketball team's surprising success that we've failed to give Tank Carder and his adventures in his transition to professional football their proper due. He recently took part in the NFL Draft Combine- the only Horned Frog to do so this year- and here are his results:

-40 yard dash: 4.69 (11th best among linebackers)
-Bench press: 19 reps of 225lbs
-Vertical leap: 34.5 inches
-Broad jump: 121 inches
-3 cone drill: 6.89 seconds (2nd best)
-20 yard shuttle drill: 4.18 seconds (4th best)
-60 yard shuttle drill: 11.53 seconds (3rd best)

So I guess now NFL scouts know what we've already known for a long time: Tank is a good athlete. We also know that he's an incredible football player, but what do the so-called "experts" think about Tank as a draft prospect?

-ESPN grades him as a 5th round pick.
-CBS Sports grades him as a 6th round pick.
-The Sports Exchange grades him as a 6th round pick. grades him as an undrafted free agent.

Really? I mean, I get that he's not huge by NFL standards and that he's had some injuries over the years. But Tank is just a baller, and I don't understand how anyone couldn't see that. If he's still around in the 5th round (or later), someone is going to get an absolute steal of a linebacker. Every single NFL team whiffed on drafting David Hawthorne after his incredible career at TCU, so you'd think they might've learned their lesson about overlooking Horned Frog linebackers.

I guess you could say that I'm pretty biased, but I do think some of these draft gurus take way too much stock in measurables and look sight of the actual game of football. At the end of the day, though, their overrated opinions mean about as much as mine. It's really up to the talent evaluators on each individual team to decide how good an NFL player Tank can be. But he's got his own opinions on things, and has been keeping his own NFL Draft diary for the folks at Enjoy reading it:

Tank Carder's Draft Diary.


Slay Purple said...

Hopefully people remember that he had hand surgery prior to the 2nd game. I remember thinking he was doing a poor job of wrapping up on tackles, until GP mentioned it. TCU has had a pretty solid track record of young Frogs in the NFL & if anybody can grab Tank after the 4th round is getting a steal.

Robert W. Howington said...

Of course the Cowboys, who need linebacker help like crazy, will pass him over. But they'll take some dunce with a mile long criminal record and the brains of an ant (no offense to ants) and give the guy a gazillion dollars and then watch him do nothing except embarrass the team with his off the field "activities". Jerrah loves him some stupid players. Tank's baller IQ is HUGE. The knock down of the two point conversion pass was about brains not brawn.

Travis said...

Not a Pats fan or hater, but they know how to draft character and guys who actually love to play the game, not just for the paycheck. I could see Tank being their type of draft pick.

Travis said...

Oh, and I have no idea what their needs are. I just see him fitting their profile.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

I love Tank as much as any Frog fan, and I agree that Tank's football IQ is very high, but the knock down on the 2-point conversion wasn't really brains. It was a failed blitz and lightning quick reaction. The kind of instinct that can't be coached and hopefully NFL teams will see that.

Travis said...

...and Slay Purple, you're still killing me with that Avatar photo! I don't know if you're just one strange, twisted dude with an unusual sense of humor, or a chick my Mom's age? Either way, it's so wrong.

EdK said...

I love Tank. He's one of TCU's greatest. Good luck to him all the way. But 5th, 6th round sounds about right to me.

EdK said...

THE legendary Robert Howington? I think I'm going to faint.

RicketyFrog said...

He has some knocks folks, unfortunately, I don't see him getting drafted. To wit:


An undersized tackler that struggles to bring down bigger backs and will miss stops from time to time. Can struggle at times at the point of attack when bigger blockers are able to get at him. Occasionally takes some bad angles when working in space. Lacks ideal awareness and not that experienced dropping into coverage. When his back is to the ball, he can get into trouble in coverage. Doesn't have great hips and struggles to close at times out of his breaks. Doesn't play with balance when asked to change direction, stumbling too often out of his breaks and when forced to shift his weight when transitioning to move forward or laterally.