Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sun Bowl memories

The hard work that contributed to the turnaround of TCU's football program may have started way beforehand, but New Year's Eve 1998 will always be remembered as the day that the Horned Frogs re-arrived on the national scene. Heavy underdogs in the Sun Bowl against USC, TCU held the Trojans to a mind-blowing negative 23 yards rushing in the 28-19 victory.

Thanks to a youtube user named "MarqueeTCU", some of the highlights of that game are now immortal- so join me in jogging your memory:

First is a 60-yard touchdown run by Basil Mitchell on a perfectly-executed option play that extended the Frogs' lead to 14-0 in the 1st quarter:

Next is quarterback Patrick Batteaux scoring from three yards out on another option play in the 3rd quarter. Notice the cheap shot after he scores from USC's #55- Chris Claiborne, who was a consensus 1st Team All-American as well as the Butkus Award winner that year, and who played eight years in the NFL after having been drafted 9th overall by the Lions:

Finally, following a bit of a comeback effort by USC, London Dunlap sacked Trojan quarterback Carson Palmer- wearing #15 then- for what should've been a safety:


Tanner said...

For someone who wasn't around and was simply aware that the game happened, god damn that is pimp

Travis said...

Awesome, pure joy watching that. I forgot that it was such a lopsided victory early, reminds me of the 2009 Utah game, because the final score was much closer. Palmer was definitely sacked and that was a safety. How about Fran's shirt? What he lacked in style and taste, he certainly made up for by how well he could coach. Thank you for again coach Fran for GP! You must still be kicking yourself for that poor career move!

Travis said...
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VikingFrog said...


I can't believe how far television cameras have come in a little less than 15 years.