Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama hates the Frogs

When TCU takes on Oregon State in the CBI quarterfinals tonight, they will be doing so with the leader of the free world rooting against them. By now I'm sure you've all heard that Oregon State coach Craig Robinson is the older brother of Michelle Obama. So it's natural to assume that the entire first family will be cheering for the Beavers this evening. That is, if HDNet is on the White House's cable plan and if the late tip-off (9:00pm Texas time/10:00pm DC time) isn't past the bed times of Sasha and Malia.

Now that I've included the names of the president's children in this blog entry with a headline that used the words "hate" and "Obama", I'd like to welcome the slight bump in site traffic due to Spit Blood popping up on the radar of the secret service. Welcome aboard, guys, and like us on facebook.

Robinson, it should be noted, is quite the CBI veteran. He won the whole thing with Oregon State in 2009, which I'm sure set off a firestorm of merchandise sales in Corvallis. He also led his 2010 OSU team and his 2008 squad at Brown into the tournament. After the current Beavers made a surprise run to the semifinals of the Pac 12 Tournament, they dispatched of Western Illinois with ease (80-59) in the first round of the CBI. The win (played in front of just 1,931 at home) pushed their record at Gill Coliseum to 13-5 on the year, which adds to the pressure facing Jim Christian's road-vulnerable squad.

The guy to keep an eye on for OSU is #1, 6'4" junior guard Jared Cunningham. He's started all 34 games for the Beavers this season, and leads them in scoring at 17.8 points per game. He's gone off for 30+ three times this year, included his career-high 37 in a 100-95 overtime win over Texas back in November. While he is their main threat, the entire OSU team is pretty dangerous on offense. They are 10th in the nation in scoring, averaging 79.0 points per contest, and are among the Top 35 nationally in assists, turnover margin and field-goal percentage.

Maybe it's a bit silly to be getting so excited for what essentially amounts to the New Mexico Bowl of postseason basketball tournaments. But after years and years of nothing at all to cheer about, I'm genuinely pumped up about the Frogs playing basketball as late as March 19th. That, and this game (and any further contests) are all on a channel that I actually get at my place. I'd also really like to see our cagers finish off the trifecta of victories over Oregon State, started by the baseball team in the 2009 NCAA Regionals and continued with the football team's win over OSU at Jerry World to start the 2010 season.


VikingFrog said...

Have fun in Guantanamo Bay

Frog86 said...

Just a heads up, OSU coach's name is Craig Robinson, not Jackson.

Go Frogs.

Lyle Lanley said...

Good catch, 86. Definitely a brain-fart by me!

SnK said...

Jim Christian didn't make the trip to Corvalis tonight. That's no bueno.

Travis said...

did Jamie Dixon make the trip?

Lyle Lanley said...

According to Stefan Stevenson, it was because of a family medical emergency. Sure hope everything is ok.