Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No spring game?!?

This news is sure to turn you all into sad, despondent emo kids. As Stefan Stevenson reported in this morning's Star-Telegram, the good news of Kenny Cain returning from injury has been offset by the news that the Frogs will not be holding a spring game this year.

Sure, spring games are somewhat pointless. They're disorganized enough that even some of the most die-hard fans have trouble figuring out what's going on during them. The results of the games are always ambiguous (did the offense playing well mean they're good, or that the defense is bad?), and it's a prime opportunity for opposing schools (say, in a new conference...) to come get a close-up look at any new wrinkles you've been putting in during the spring. Plus with the stadium still being under construction, getting a few thousand fans in and out could be a logistical headache if not downright dangerous.

Still, though, this sucks for the fans. The spring game was always an oasis in the vast desert that is the offseason. It was just enough gridiron action and game day experience to stifle the cacophony of groaning stomachs, hungry for an eternally distant football season. It was the easter egg found months later under the couch, or the official Red Ryder carbine action 200-range-shot model air rifle ("with a compass in the stock!") found way back in the corner behind the Christmas tree.

So, Coach Patterson, we're not mad that you've canceled the spring game. We're just...disappointed.


VikingFrog said...

You're not mad at me you're mad at your dad!

Jack Burton said...

this really grinds my gears

JHale said...

The Spring Game is always scripted anyways. It is nice to get out there to watch the the new players get some reps and see the skill position guys run around... I definitely wanted to see the WR's vs New Db's though.

andiep61 said...

Why couldn't we use someone else's stadium - I mean surely someone else would lend the space for a day or so.