Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No more Martin

The Big 12, as a basketball league, just got a whole lot less entertaining. Kansas State coach Frank Martin, who at times makes Bob Knight look like a reasonable person, has accepted the head coaching job at South Carolina.

Martin leaves a sizable void in Manhattan in the wake of his departure- he won nearly 70% of his games during his five years at KSU and led the Wildcats to four NCAA Tournament appearances, including a run to the Elite 8 in 2010. I realize that the difference of KSU with or sans Martin doesn't really make THAT big of a difference in regard to the uphill climb the Frogs will be facing upon their entry to the conference, but the thought of one of the league's better programs potentially taking a step back is at least worth noting.

I haven't seen any word yet on who the Wildcats are targeting as a replacement, but using history as our guide they'll probably just assume that they can snap their fingers and hire someone who's already found a better job.


Travis said...

You mean like Bill Self? After all, Lawrence is only about an hour away from Manhattan. Maybe Shaka was holding out for K-State>

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Seven and a half minutes of Frank Martin being an asshole? There goes my case of the Wednesdays