Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness Begins

We don't delve into the non-sports world nearly as much as we used to on Spit Blood, but this felt like as good a time as any to change that. The good folks at ESPN's have come up with a best-of-32 bracket in which they'll determine the best character from The Wire.

As you might expect, Omar is the prohibitive favorite. And with good reason- he ranks right up there with Homer Simpson, George Costanza, Walter White and Cliff Huxtable as one of the best television characters of all time. But this is the time of year for upsets, and this contest is anything but objective.

Among those that didn't make the cut were the underused cops Jay Landsman and Ed Norris, as well as the fantastically bitchy Yolanda Bryce the hell did Slim Charles not make it? As for my final four...I'm going with a #1 seed, two #3's and a #7. Omar, McNulty, Bodie and...Frank Sobotka. If you're going to hate on Season 2, you either need to re-watch it or realize that you were watching the show for all of the wrong reasons.


SnK said...

Don't sleep on Lester Freamon as a 5 seed. He's an old savvy veteran.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

Leaving off Slim and Landsman is just a crime not worth speaking of and destroys the legitimacy. Also,Serge as a higher seed than Sobotka? COME NOW! And I feel like the Greek may not have been on there either? I hate bill simmons a lot.