Friday, March 16, 2012

DUELING Discussion Questions.

Yesterday we posted a proposed new TCU helmet idea by a random internet stranger that is no way associated with TCU, we don't think. Turns out, there were more. Unfortunately he has them locked so I am unable to copy/paste, but you can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. Tell us what you think below.

Our real discussion question is a little more timely considering we are finishing up the two least productive work days of the entire calendar year, the start of March Madness. The festivities were kicked off yesterday by fellow Conference foe Colorado State and mid-major upstart Murray State, a game won pretty convincingly by the Racers. This got me to thinking.

SCENARIO ONE: Let's say, for the sake of argument, TCU has the exact same results for every game this season, except they beat CSU to open Conference play, don't choke against Boise and SMU and beat CSU to open the MWC Tourney. Theoretically this would have given the Frogs a chance to take CSU's place as the fourth MWC team in the NCAA Tournament. For the sake of discussion, let's say they take CSU's 11 seed and have the exact same result - a double digit loss to Murray State.

SCENARIO TWO: On the other hand, you have what we have now - CSU getting an NCAA bid and getting dominated in round one, and TCU winning a game in a third tier tournament and having just as much of a chance as anyone to win the entire thing. Let's say they do.

Which scenario would you prefer? Do you want the hardware or the prestige? Tell us in the comments.


Sir Wesley Willis said...

For me, I think you without question go with Scenario One. Trophies are great and all, but the CBI reeks of the Little League "Everybody wins!!" mentality and no one is going to remember if you won or not.

As for the helmets... meh. The greys are miserable.

FrogHorn07 said...

Senario One every time.

The only thing I would take over a round of 64 beat down is winning the NIT.

LA Frog said...

Scenario 2 because I am going to the game Monday night

Reed said...

im with froghorn

general125 said...

The 1,062 attending the game the other night say scenario 2, the rest of us want scenario 1.