Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Craig James Hate

I approve this message.

If you didn't click the link above, click it again, and read ahead as I break down the idiocy of Craig James and his interview piece by piece:

You're own daughter interviews you? Really, Craig? Another attempt to exploit your family in order to gain some sympathy, I see. How'd that work out with your douchebag son Adam and his poow wittle baby headache? Have you alienated yourself from the media so much that you can't find one credible media outlet to interview you? Surely Jesse Palmer could step out of the tanning salon for a minute and a half and throw you a bone.

Is the "big elephant in the room" that your (SMU) daughter refers to REALLY Mike Leach and the Texas Tech controversy hurting your campaign in West Texas, or is it that the world knows your a complete blowhard who is not only not electable, but also just flat out HATED. I guess your own daughter couldn't lead in with "There's a big elephant in the room about how much West Texas, nay, the world, hates you. Do you think that will negatively effect your campaign?". That would be pretty hard hitting for an SMU grad.

Speaking of your daughter- I wonder what was harder, explaining to her how much of a cheat and a crook you were in the 80s, or convincing her that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU was not true.

Did you really just call Mike Leach a "bully"? Wow, sound more like a 6 year old coming home from the playground with some skinned up knees, why don't ya? And is Leach really the bully or is that you, Helicopter Dad? Let's see, you hovered over his practices, bitched out coaches for not playing your son enough, CALLED THE TECH COACHES FROM THE ESPN BOOTH, then got the guy fired because you didn't get your way and your son was disobedient. Stick with the bully argument though, Craigy. Everyone feels really sorry for you.

"You can't do what Mike Leach did to our son and get away with it. Not in the United States of America." - Right Craig. Just FYI, I think it's pretty well known now that Adam put himself in that closet and took pictures because he thought it would be funny. So yeah, if your quote means you can't tell a kid not dressed out for practice, walking around in his beanie and sunglasses while jammin' out to his iPod, to leave practice, then I guess we will have to agree to disagree, and anyone else with half a brain would disagree with you as well.

I'm glad you don't care for my vote and I can keep it, because you're sure as Hell not getting it. Judging by the polls, the strong majority of Texas will keep their vote as well, so you better start caring for someone's vote.

"You can rest assure this- that if I see wrong, I'm going to stand up against it. I will never let something go by that is a bully, or someone that's done something wrong. " - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Could he have closed this in any more of a hypocritical way? You, CRAIG JAMES, will stand up against wrongdoing and never let anything go by that is wrong. CRAIG JAMES??? The guy who may or may not have KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU!!! Holy shit. I couldn't take that last part seriously at all. Well, I couldn't take any of it seriously, but to say that you won't let anyone do anything wrong and you'll stand up against it is downright comical. Did you come forward when SMU was doing all sorts of wrong in the '80s? I don't think so. You were getting your pockets lined and outfitted in new clothes and cars every couple months. Oh wait, you claim you didn't accept any benefits or anything while at SMU, which we all know is bullshit. But still, based on your own pristine campaign standards, you should've stopped yourself, CRAIG JAMES, from KILLING 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU! I'd say that was bullying and doing something wrong at it's finest.

Man, I really, really, REALLY hope Craig James doesn't bow out of his floundering Senate campaign until the bitter end, because it seems like every couple weeks he does something dumb as shit to keep myself and every other Craig James hater entertained. Isn't this the biggest crybaby, feel sorry for me and my poor, poor, abused and mistreated family plea you've ever seen??? Seriously dude, NOBODY FEELS SORRY FOR YOU. Nobody feels sorry for your shit head son either, and nobody will feel sorry for you when your next whiny sob story takes place. Let me give you a word of advice, Craig- when you know that everyone who sees your Thursday night ESPN broadcasts hates you, when other media outlets claim that you are the worst in the business, and when you alienate your family and self from an entire large, public university in Texas, you're probably not going to win a Senate race in that state, you dunce, so don't waste your time running. Actually, please do waste your time. All it has done over the past few months is further expose you as the moronic, self-indulged asshole that you are, and even more so than the public already knew. Nobody even knows who I am, but I'd say there's a pretty good shot I could get more write-in votes for "SNK" than you get after months of campaigning (poorly). That's how hated you are, but by all means, keep it up. Once this campaign is finished, you've got nothing to go back to, because even evil ESPN hates you now.

I'm starting the SNK write-in candidate for 2012 US Senate. Just get me enough votes to beat Craig James. So really, I just need like 20 or 30...


Mankdog said...

Basically says the same thing, but just some more fuel for the hate-filled fire

Lyle Lanley said...
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Lyle Lanley said...

What really irks me is the hubris of deciding you want run for public jumping straight to the United States Senate!

Run for city council or school board, you arrogant fuck! You only get to skip the line straight to senator if your husband was president or if you played Stuart Smalley on TV.

HFrog77 said...

SnK has definitely got my vote. Now if I can somehow get registered to vote in Texas...

Frog of 1993 said...

Has he addressed the campaign issue of whether or not CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU? Has he also addressed issues that CRAIG JAMES KILLED ON SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN BECAUSE HE IS A WET DOUCE?

Frog of 1993 said...

Has he addressed the campaign issue of whether or not CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU? Has he also addressed issues that CRAIG JAMES KILLED ON SENATORIAL CAMPAIGN BECAUSE HE IS A WET DOUCE?