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And the Oscar goes to...

I'm not sure how intentional the hilarity of this is, but I'll be darned if TCU's own Chris Klein didn't just out-Keanu Keanu:

Friday, March 30, 2012

TCU-UNLV preview

The beginning of a season-long twelve game home stand couldn't come at a better time, as the Frogs wrapped up their recent road swing by dropping four of their past five ballgames. They'll look to improve on their 12-10 overall record and 4-2 conference mark this weekend when they host UNLV, who they swept in Las Vegas two weeks ago, in what should be three days of glorious weather at Lupton.

All three games are scheduled to feature pitching rematches from the first series, starting with tonight's series opener (first pitch: 6:30pm) when TCU sophomore Stefan Crichton faces UNLV senior Joe Robinson. In their first meeting, a 5-2 TCU victory, both Crichton and Robinson looked solid in 7 innings of work. Crichton gave up 2 runs on 8 hits while striking out 6 and only walking 1, while Robinson gave up 5 runs on 8 hits to go along with 5 K's and 1 walk. The Frogs benefited from scoring a run on an error and another on a passed ball, so this one could go either way this time around. Crichton needs to rebound from his sub-par start last week at New Mexico.

Saturday will have TCU sophomore Andrew Mitchell matching up once again with UNLV freshman lefty Zac Qualls. Mitchell lasted 4⅓ innings, giving up 2 runs on 4 hits while striking out 4 and walking 1. Qualls pitched 5 full frames, giving up 5 runs on 4 hits while both striking out and walking 4 TCU batters. The big damage in this 10-2 TCU win was done when Jason Coats homered twice off of UNLV reliever Mark Shannon, while TCU relievers Preston Morrison and Chris Murphy combined to toss 4⅔ scoreless innings.

Sunday will match two true freshmen facing each other for the second time. Two weeks ago, Horned Frog lefty Brandon Finnegan gave up 2 runs on 4 hits in 4⅔ innings of work. His counterpart from UNLV, Erick Fedde, worked 5 frames and gave up 4 runs- all of them unearned. On the day, the Rebels committed 6 errors, a defensive effort that didn't provide much help for a bullpen that then gave up 11 more runs.

Offensively, the Frogs will look to improve on their team season batting average of .249 against a team that surrendered 30 base hits in three games two weeks ago- and this time with Jantzen Witte and Kevin Cron in the lineup. Kyle Von Tungeln feasted on UNLV pitchers the most in the first series, going 7-11 with a walk, a double, 2 RBIs and 3 stolen bases. Davy Wright and Brance Rivera each had 5 hits for the weekend.

Good news for those of you that can't make it out to Lupton- all three games will have live streaming video on, and of course you can always hear all of the action on KTCU or receive updates via twitter by following @TCU_Baseball or @FollowtheFrogs.

Big sale at The Varsity

You know how every time there's a TCU game when it's cold outside and you show up looking like a dork in some olive-green jacket that's way too big and smells like moth balls? And you're jealous of everyone who had the foresight to buy an awesome-looking TCU jacket so that they can display their Frog pride in all climates?

Well you're in luck, because our friends at The Varsity have put all of their TCU jackets and sweaters on sale. Today and tomorrow, all cold-weather gear is 30% off. So stop on by their store at 3515 Bluebonnet Circle or shop online at and get yourself something for next fall & winter.

Also, as they do every Friday, they are running a "Free Money Friday" promotion on their facebook page. All you have to do is comment or "like" on their latest post, and you'll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate. The more people that enter, the more winners there will be.

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Friday bonus nug:
-Personally, I'm all for it.

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Too much Djibouti in the pants!

We'd like to send a special shout out to a good friend of Spit Blood, 1st Lt. Matt Colia of the US Army, who is seen above displaying his Horned Frog pride (on the right) along with fellow TCU alumni Captain Douglas Yates (center) and 1st Lt. Joshua Kane (left) while they are stationed at Camp Lemmonier in Djibouti.

We're all proud of you, Matt, and can't wait for you to get back to Fort Worth sometime soon. I'm sure you'll get tired of people asking "Where's Djibouti?" so I'll try to help you out by directing some of our less-informed readers (whose knowledge of Djibouti is limited to that one Coke Zero commercial) to read about the country on wikipedia or maybe even some other, more credible website.

Keep up the good work over there, guys, and Go Frogs!

Uniform Fail.

epic fail photos - CLASSIC: Uniform FAIL

When it comes to ugly college uniforms Oregon is your poster child, but it's clear why Phil Knight has made his alma mater his LSD fueled design board: Oregon consistently pulls top recruiting classes and has become the benchmark program of the Pac 12 and one of the top in all of college football. Of course, a lot of it has to do with their top tier facilities, but you're kidding yourself if you don't think the idea of never wearing the same uniform twice, a situation that keeps the team in the headlines all year, doesn't play a role as well. This is why schools, including TCU, subject themselves to Nike's Pro Combat anal probe year after year. Even a school like Alabama that features some of the college football's most classic uniforms lets Nike get their grubby paws into them, although they admittedly kept the design integrity of the uniform mostly intact. Even Nike knows not to mess with a good thing.

So when word trickled out that Nike was planning a redesign of UT's uniforms, I kind of expected more of the same. After all, the Horns were part of one of the recent rounds of Pro Combat upgrades that basically mirrored those of Alabama, in that they were not changed at all. But it appears that even UT isn't immune to saying, "how high" when Nike says, "jump." BEHOLD! UT's proposed new uniforms:

New Texas Pants New Texas Black JerseyNew Texas Burnt Orange Jersey
New Texas uniforms

These are supposed to be real. Seriously. I'm not really sure what to make of them. Were they designed by an ADD addled 8 year old? "Let's make them black... no, let's make them white... no, let's make them orange... wait, ALL THREE!!!! WHEEEEEE!!!" I honestly can't figure out the inspiration here. They're like the Jackson Pollock of college uniform redesigns. Admittedly, they aren't as bad as Maryland's uniforms from opening week last year, but they're at least in line for tickets at the same ballpark. I mean... I GUESS the pants are ok? But seriously, all they did was cut up uniforms and sew them back together in a weird hodge podge. It's like a middle school art project gone completely wrong. Whoever had this idea needs to be fired and fed to DeLoss Dodd's dogs.

Now, before you guys start running with this, apparently these are going to be used for UT's spring game to get some feedback and then reevaluated, so the odds of them seeing the field in a regular season game are slim to none. But, there's hope, because UT is showing their spring game on the LHN, a Network that no one in America receives, so perhaps they could slip under the radar? A boy can dream. Some UT fans have also started to do damage control by suggesting this is a leaked April Fools prank, but that just sounds silly.

If these are, in fact, real, then I guess Nike really does control the sports universe. Bama, UT, Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska, etc may all be corrupt in their own ways, but if they do anything right it's the simplicity of their uniforms. Why on earth Nike would want to mess with that and why UT, the most successful athletic program in the country would allow Nike to mess with that, is beyond me. Perhaps things really are as bad as they seem in Austin and they're having to resort to least common denominator tactics such as this to stay relevant? Who knows. But if you see these disasters in Austin come opening weekend we'll know the sky is definitely in danger of falling in Austin.

Schloss, Witte talk TCU-UNLV

Horned Frog outlook on local news

Coming soon to a station very near TCU

Just a fair warning: this post is barely sports related at all. So for those of you 8 year olds out there that still read the sports page and throw the rest out*, this might not be custom-made reading material for you. But there were two local news stories that caught my eye this week for how they relate to TCU and the Horned Frogs.

First is the news that the Fort Worth Transportation Authority has received the go-ahead from the federal government to proceed on the preliminary work for the proposed new rail line that would stretch 37 miles from far southwest Fort Worth to DFW Airport. Beginning (hopefully) in 2016, people in Grapevine, Colleyville, North Richland Hills and other parts of northeast Tarrant County will have a direct route to get to TCU games (or other university activities) via rail as one of the stations along the line will be located near the corner of Berry and Cleburne Road- less than a mile from campus. There will also be stops in the medical district, downtown, near the Stockyards and even right between Terminals A & B at DFW. Imagine that, public transportation that can actually take people where people need to go using public transportation! I'd imagine most of you SUV-driving, can't-walk-anywhere types won't use this much, but I'm glad to see that, along with the already under construction Chisholm Trail Parkway, Fort Worth is finally getting some much-needed transportation infrastructure updates.

The other is that a cocaine ring has been busted that stretched up and down I-35 from Dallas to Oklahoma City. Twenty people, including some high-volume distributors in Dallas, were arrested. Did you not hear about this? I guess that's because a major cocaine (you know, a drug that actually kills people) ring being taken down isn't nearly as worthy of press attention as a few college kids busted for a little bit of pot. This story popped up and disappeared in a day, and barely got mentioned on the local television broadcasts (the same ones that spent the majority of their 30 minutes on the TCU non-story for days and days afterward). I couldn't even find a mention of this in the Dallas Morning News, which published yet another follow-up story on the TCU situation on March 21st- more than a month after the arrests! I guess you could say it's silly for a blogger to be calling people out for their lack of journalistic integrity, but remember, this isn't my job.

*-who am I kidding? No one reads the paper anymore...

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Track and field:


Athletic Department:

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Craig James Hate

I approve this message.

If you didn't click the link above, click it again, and read ahead as I break down the idiocy of Craig James and his interview piece by piece:

You're own daughter interviews you? Really, Craig? Another attempt to exploit your family in order to gain some sympathy, I see. How'd that work out with your douchebag son Adam and his poow wittle baby headache? Have you alienated yourself from the media so much that you can't find one credible media outlet to interview you? Surely Jesse Palmer could step out of the tanning salon for a minute and a half and throw you a bone.

Is the "big elephant in the room" that your (SMU) daughter refers to REALLY Mike Leach and the Texas Tech controversy hurting your campaign in West Texas, or is it that the world knows your a complete blowhard who is not only not electable, but also just flat out HATED. I guess your own daughter couldn't lead in with "There's a big elephant in the room about how much West Texas, nay, the world, hates you. Do you think that will negatively effect your campaign?". That would be pretty hard hitting for an SMU grad.

Speaking of your daughter- I wonder what was harder, explaining to her how much of a cheat and a crook you were in the 80s, or convincing her that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU was not true.

Did you really just call Mike Leach a "bully"? Wow, sound more like a 6 year old coming home from the playground with some skinned up knees, why don't ya? And is Leach really the bully or is that you, Helicopter Dad? Let's see, you hovered over his practices, bitched out coaches for not playing your son enough, CALLED THE TECH COACHES FROM THE ESPN BOOTH, then got the guy fired because you didn't get your way and your son was disobedient. Stick with the bully argument though, Craigy. Everyone feels really sorry for you.

"You can't do what Mike Leach did to our son and get away with it. Not in the United States of America." - Right Craig. Just FYI, I think it's pretty well known now that Adam put himself in that closet and took pictures because he thought it would be funny. So yeah, if your quote means you can't tell a kid not dressed out for practice, walking around in his beanie and sunglasses while jammin' out to his iPod, to leave practice, then I guess we will have to agree to disagree, and anyone else with half a brain would disagree with you as well.

I'm glad you don't care for my vote and I can keep it, because you're sure as Hell not getting it. Judging by the polls, the strong majority of Texas will keep their vote as well, so you better start caring for someone's vote.

"You can rest assure this- that if I see wrong, I'm going to stand up against it. I will never let something go by that is a bully, or someone that's done something wrong. " - BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Could he have closed this in any more of a hypocritical way? You, CRAIG JAMES, will stand up against wrongdoing and never let anything go by that is wrong. CRAIG JAMES??? The guy who may or may not have KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU!!! Holy shit. I couldn't take that last part seriously at all. Well, I couldn't take any of it seriously, but to say that you won't let anyone do anything wrong and you'll stand up against it is downright comical. Did you come forward when SMU was doing all sorts of wrong in the '80s? I don't think so. You were getting your pockets lined and outfitted in new clothes and cars every couple months. Oh wait, you claim you didn't accept any benefits or anything while at SMU, which we all know is bullshit. But still, based on your own pristine campaign standards, you should've stopped yourself, CRAIG JAMES, from KILLING 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU! I'd say that was bullying and doing something wrong at it's finest.

Man, I really, really, REALLY hope Craig James doesn't bow out of his floundering Senate campaign until the bitter end, because it seems like every couple weeks he does something dumb as shit to keep myself and every other Craig James hater entertained. Isn't this the biggest crybaby, feel sorry for me and my poor, poor, abused and mistreated family plea you've ever seen??? Seriously dude, NOBODY FEELS SORRY FOR YOU. Nobody feels sorry for your shit head son either, and nobody will feel sorry for you when your next whiny sob story takes place. Let me give you a word of advice, Craig- when you know that everyone who sees your Thursday night ESPN broadcasts hates you, when other media outlets claim that you are the worst in the business, and when you alienate your family and self from an entire large, public university in Texas, you're probably not going to win a Senate race in that state, you dunce, so don't waste your time running. Actually, please do waste your time. All it has done over the past few months is further expose you as the moronic, self-indulged asshole that you are, and even more so than the public already knew. Nobody even knows who I am, but I'd say there's a pretty good shot I could get more write-in votes for "SNK" than you get after months of campaigning (poorly). That's how hated you are, but by all means, keep it up. Once this campaign is finished, you've got nothing to go back to, because even evil ESPN hates you now.

I'm starting the SNK write-in candidate for 2012 US Senate. Just get me enough votes to beat Craig James. So really, I just need like 20 or 30...

Daily Discussion: Underrated Rivalries

This year's NCAA Tournament has lacked the storybook drama for which so many Big Dances of yesteryear will forever be remembered. That is, until Kentucky finally put away Baylor in last weekend's South Regional final, setting up one of the most-anticipated national semifinals in recent memory between blood rivals Kentucky and Louisville. I think we were all aware that the Wildcats and Cardinals, because they both hail from the Bluegrass State, are not fond of each other.

But only a truly vitriolic rivalry could produce the sort of hilariously disturbing news that came out of Georgetown, Kentucky this week. According to a police report, a 68-year old Kentucky fan flipped off a 71-year old Louisville fan after the latter made a comment that he thought his team would win Saturday's game...prompting the elderly Cardinals fan to punch the Wildcat fan in the face. The real kicker, though, is that this all took place at a dialysis clinic. America!

I think most of our readers are big fans of sports hatred, but also- like me- get a little tired of hearing about the same old rivalries: Yankees/Red Sox, Michigan/Ohio State, Bears/Packers, etc. Since we're a little short on material these days, I'm going to ask you to help keep everyone else entertained by sharing with us some stories about underrated rivalries and the hate that flows amongst the adversaries within them.

Comments section: ACTIVATE!

TCU alumni in MLB spring training

After the news came down yesterday that Matt Carpenter has made the Cardinals' opening day roster, I thought I'd do a little research to see how the other TCU baseball alumni are doing in spring training this year. Here's what I found:

-Jake Arrieta, who went 10-8 with the Orioles last year before undergoing season-ending elbow surgery in August, may be the O's opening day starter- or at least that's the guess of Baltimore Sun reporter Eduardo Encina. In three Grapefruit League starts so far this year, Arrieta is 1-0 with a 4.65 ERA.

-Andrew Cashner, who had his season cut VERY short by injury last year after earning a spot in the Cubs' starting rotation, is adjusting very well after being traded to the San Diego Padres and being moved to the bullpen. In eight appearances this spring, Cashner has struck out 11 and has an ERA of 1.13. He's regularly hitting 100+ on the radar gun with his fastball, and will likely be the set-up man in the Friars' pen.

-Scott Atchison, at 35, is the oldest former Frog still in professional baseball. He's also the Bill Bates of the Boston Red Sox, in that every year he seems to be battling tooth-and-nail in spring training for a spot on the big-league roster. This year is no different, and it looks like it's going to be a last-minute decision on the former All-SWC pitcher. He's got a 3.60 ERA in 7 appearances this spring.

-Sam Demel, who has logged more than 60 innings as part of the Diamondbacks' bullpen the past two seasons, has been optioned to Triple-A Reno. He has a 3.00 spring ERA and has yet to walk a batter in the Cactus League this year, but he has been battling tightness in his forearm- so this move may be for medical reasons and may very well also be temporary.

-Chad Huffman, who played 9 regular-season games with the Yankees in 2010, has been optioned to Triple-A Columbus by the Cleveland Indians' organization. He hit .246 with 13 home runs and 58 RBIs for Columbus last year, and had hit .250 in 13 games for the Indians this spring. As he has been all of the past few years, Huffman is a strong candidate for another big-league call-up at any moment.

-Bryan Holaday, one of the heroes of the 2010 run to Omaha, has been assigned to minor league camp after appearing in 9 games for the Detroit Tigers this spring. Look for him to start the season with either Triple-A Toledo or Double-A Erie, where last year be hit .242 with 7 home runs and 42 RBIs in 95 games while playing for manager Chris Cron- the father of current Frog freshman Kevin Cron.

-Matt Purke made relief appearances in two games for the Washington Nationals this spring after a strong showing in the Arizona Fall League. In the Grapefruit League this spring, he posted a 2.70 ERA while allowing five hits and striking out three. He's expected to start the season in Advanced Class-A ball with Potomac Nationals of the Carolina League.

-Matt Curry, who hit a combined .282 with 15 home runs and 73 RBIs in 133 games at both Class-A and Double-A in the Pittsburgh organization last year, has appeared in at least one Grapefruit League game with the Pirates this spring. He's expected to start the season with Double-A Altoona.

Call me lazy or whatever, but I couldn't find updates on the rest of the guys that were, to my knowledge, in pro baseball or drafted out of TCU last year. Help me keep an eye out for news on the players below, and for sure let me know if I've left anyone off the list!

-Geno Espineli (with the Giants' organization at Triple-A Fresno last year)

-Seth Garrison (Red Sox: Double-A Portland)

-Brad Furnish (White Sox: Advanced Class A Winston-Salem)

-Tyler Lockwood (Red Sox: Class A Greenville)

-Greg Holle (Brewers: Class A Wisconsin)

-Taylor Featherston (Rockies: Class A Tri-City)

-Bryan Kervin (Blue Jays: Class A Vancouver)...whose career nearly ended after a medical scare

-Erik Miller (Reds: Rookie League Billings)

-Jerome Pena (Orioles: Rookie League GCL Orioles)

-Jimmie Pharr (Brewers: Rookie League AZL Brewers)

-Kyle Winkler (drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 10th round)

-Steven Maxwell (drated by the Cubs in the 37th round)

-Joe Weik (signed as a free agent by the Diamondbacks)

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Carpenter makes Cards' Opening Day roster

Pretty good news coming out of the Grapefruit League, where the St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that former Horned Frog third baseman Matt Carpenter has made the opening day roster for the (grumble grumble) defending world champion Cardinals.

Carpenter, who batted .067 in his seven-game cup of coffee with the Cards last summer, earned his spot on the big league roster by batting .364 during spring training and will be playing a little first base in addition to third, and also probably some innings in the corner outfield positions.

Tomorrow, we'll take a look at some of the other TCU baseball alumni and how they're doing in spring training with their respective organizations. For now, though- Way to go, Carp!

No DH tonight

When the Frogs come up to bat in the top of the 1st against UTA at Arlington's Clay Gould Ballpark tonight, they'll be doing so without a designated hitter in their lineup. True freshman Jerrick Suiter, who sports a perfect 0.00 ERA with two appearances so far this year, will take the mound for his first collegiate pitching start. And because he's batting .341 so far this year in 41 at bats, he'll be batting for himself- making the Frogs a bit of an NL-style club for at least one game.

We've seen a few TCU pitchers show off their versatility over the years. You'll remember Kyle Winkler laying down a bunt for an RBI against Kansas last year after the Frogs lost the DH when Josh Elander was hurt and original DH Jimmie Pharr had to switch to playing catcher. And a few pitchers, such as Greg Holle and Shawn Ferguson, have played an inning here or there in the outfield in late-game situations when Schlossnagle was running out of pitching options and needed to keep them available. But Suiter, who briefly walked on to the football team this fall and has expressed some interest in doing the same for Jim Christian's basketball squad, is the first real throwback the Frogs have had to the days when guys like Michael Aubrey, Brooks Kieschnick and Michah Owings ruled the college baseball world from the plate, field and mound.

Like the Frogs, the Mavericks have had an up & down season marked by offensive struggles. While they boast road wins against Texas and Oklahoma and have beaten Baylor at home, they are 13-11 overall and have dropped their last four- including a three game sweep at the hands of Southeastern Louisiana this past weekend. They are batting just .258 as a team (compared to TCU's team average of .247), but junior right fielder Preston Beck is just mashing the ball. Beck, a product of Dallas' Bishop Lynch High School, leads the Mavs with a .338 batting average, 5 home runs, 3 triples, 20 RBIs, a .638 slugging percentage and an on-base percentage of .466.

Opposing Suiter on the mound will be fellow true freshman Zach Thompson, an Arlington native who attended Grace Prep and the younger brother of Rangers farmhand pitcher Matt Thompson. He has an ERA of 3.95 through 13+ innings of work in six appearances, and tonight will be his second career start. On March 4th, he gave up three runs on five hits in five innings of work while taking the L in a 15-1 setback to Houston Baptist.

If you're wanting to head out to he game tonight but don't know where to go, Clay Gould Ballpark is located at the corner of West Park Road and South Fielder Road, about 2.5 miles south of I-30. From either Fort Worth or Dallas, you can get there by taking the Fielder exit off of the interstate.

Sun Bowl memories

The hard work that contributed to the turnaround of TCU's football program may have started way beforehand, but New Year's Eve 1998 will always be remembered as the day that the Horned Frogs re-arrived on the national scene. Heavy underdogs in the Sun Bowl against USC, TCU held the Trojans to a mind-blowing negative 23 yards rushing in the 28-19 victory.

Thanks to a youtube user named "MarqueeTCU", some of the highlights of that game are now immortal- so join me in jogging your memory:

First is a 60-yard touchdown run by Basil Mitchell on a perfectly-executed option play that extended the Frogs' lead to 14-0 in the 1st quarter:

Next is quarterback Patrick Batteaux scoring from three yards out on another option play in the 3rd quarter. Notice the cheap shot after he scores from USC's #55- Chris Claiborne, who was a consensus 1st Team All-American as well as the Butkus Award winner that year, and who played eight years in the NFL after having been drafted 9th overall by the Lions:

Finally, following a bit of a comeback effort by USC, London Dunlap sacked Trojan quarterback Carson Palmer- wearing #15 then- for what should've been a safety:

No more Martin

The Big 12, as a basketball league, just got a whole lot less entertaining. Kansas State coach Frank Martin, who at times makes Bob Knight look like a reasonable person, has accepted the head coaching job at South Carolina.

Martin leaves a sizable void in Manhattan in the wake of his departure- he won nearly 70% of his games during his five years at KSU and led the Wildcats to four NCAA Tournament appearances, including a run to the Elite 8 in 2010. I realize that the difference of KSU with or sans Martin doesn't really make THAT big of a difference in regard to the uphill climb the Frogs will be facing upon their entry to the conference, but the thought of one of the league's better programs potentially taking a step back is at least worth noting.

I haven't seen any word yet on who the Wildcats are targeting as a replacement, but using history as our guide they'll probably just assume that they can snap their fingers and hire someone who's already found a better job.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Discussion: Worried about recruiting?

If someone asks you to cover a song from the '60s for the soundtrack of the X-Files movie, you should probably realize it's not going to turn out well

If you're not a paid subscriber to one of the TCU recruiting websites, you're actually not missing out on much right now. Despite a third consecutive conference championship, a sparkling new stadium being built and an imminent move to the Big 12, the Frogs do not have a whole lot of recruiting steam going currently.

Arlington High's Sammy Douglas is the only player currently committed to TCU, making him (for now) the entirety of the Frogs' 2013 recruiting class. There was a time when TCU fans would be thrilled to have a player with the explosive athleticism and pure ball-hawking instincts as Douglas committed this early in the game, but times (and expectations) have changed in Fort Worth.

While GP and his staff are temporarily stuck on 1, the other programs around the state have made a bit more progress on their 2013 classes. Texas and A&M both have 13 players committed, Tech has 5, Baylor 4 and even SMU has 2. At this time last year, TCU already had 4 players committed to being part of the 2012 class.

So, Spit Blood readers, how worried are you about this situation? Are you amongst those who think that the sky is falling and that this is a reason to be legitimately worried about the future of TCU football, or are you patient and confident that Coach Patterson and his staff are superior talent evaluators and will sign another outstanding class next February?


You know how they've banned Baylor students from dancing and consuming soda pop? Well, this is what happens when you combine the two. I think that, deep down, God is probably pretty cool with an ice cold Dr. Pepper and sock hop every now and again, but perhaps he should reconsider his stance.

Holy shit am I glad those guys lost.

Rough Weekend

As many little slip-ups as the Frogs have had even their best seasons, most of them have been in mid-week, non-conference games. By dropping 2 of 3 to New Mexico in Albuquerque this weekend, the Frogs lost their first conference series since 2009. When you bat .240 as a team for the weekend and your pitching staff allows the other team to hit .363 (team ERA for the weekend: 8.31), you might have to consider yourself fortunate to have gotten out of town without having been swept. Here are a few notes from the weekend, focusing more on the positives:

-While the pitching staff had a bad weekend overall, the bullpen was fantastic enough to earn the Frogs a 5-4 victory on Saturday. Nick Frey, Justin Scharf and Kevin Allen combined to toss six shutout innings- allowing just four total base runners during that time. Allen, it should be noted, now has a 13 2/3 inning shutout streak going.

-The four errors committed in the first five innings of Friday's game were ugly. After that, though the TCU defense stiffened up, and has a 21-inning error-free streak coming out of the weekend.

-Jason Coats continued his success at the plate, going 6-14 on the weekend with a double, a home run and six RBIs. He also had a stolen base. His batting average now sits at .303, and he leads the team with 21 RBIs on the year.

-Brett Johnson, who was one of the poster boys for TCU's offensive struggles in the early part of the season, had a bit of a breakout himself. He went 5-7 for the weekend with a double, two stolen bases and three RBIs- including the game-winner in the top of the 9th on Saturday.

-The Frogs are getting healthy finally, with Kevin Cron and Jantzen Witte both returning to the lineup this weekend. Witte had two RBIs in Sunday's loss, but Cron was 0-6 on the weekend. Still, though, Schlossnagle having every player available to use will be valuable going forward.

-There is still one game left to go in this nine-game road trip (tomorrow night at UTA), but the Frogs will not have to leave Tarrant County for the next three and a half weeks. After the game in Arlington, TCU will have twelve straight home games before heading back out on the road on April 20th.

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Lobos put weekend bite on TCU pitching

TCU drops rubber match to New Mexico, 12-7

Jim Schlossnagle Radio Show returns tonight

Other Sports:

Women's Tennis goes 2-0 on the weekend

Men's Tennis falls to Oklahoma at home

"Tweetup Week" scheduled for fans

Friday, March 23, 2012

TCU-New Mexico Preview

I didn't get a chance to type up a big comprehensive preview for this weekend's series against New Mexico, but here are few notes to prepare you for your watching/listening/gametracker following:

-Stefan Crichton, who has been nothing short of fantastic in his first five starts, will again be pitching in the Friday night slot. Andrew Mitchell, who has struggled some, will start Saturday- hopefully he can rebound enough to make Schlossnagle's pitching choices tough going forward. Freshman Brandon Finnegan will again fill the Sunday slot in the rotation.

-The Lobos are hitting .292 as a team and are averaging just over 6 runs per game. Sophomore D.J. Peterson is far and away New Mexico's leading batter- he is first on the team with a .457 average, 5 home runs, 21 RBIs, an .800 slugging percentage and a .518 on-base percentage.

-UNM's three starting pitchers for the weekend (Sam Wolff, Austin House and Rudy Jaramillo) have combined for a record of 3-5 and an ERA of 4.99. As a team, the Lobos are allowing 6.4 runs per game and are allowing opposing batters to hit at a .303 clip against them. Jaramillo is the son of former Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo senior, but House is NOT the son of former Rangers pitching coach Tom House.

-Freshman first baseman Kevin Cron, who has not played since the season opener against Ole Miss, is set to return to the lineup tonight. It's not known yet whether he'll play first or just be the DH. Junior third baseman Jantzen Witte may also make an appearance as a pinch-hitter this weekend.

Lessons in SMU Hate: Arrogance.

If Red were alive, SMU would call him a shoo-in.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooh, SMU. Truly TRULY the gift that continues to give, ad infintum. In case you missed it - and considering it was about as much of a blip on the radar as TCU's CBI result, you probably did - SMU fired the much maligned Matt Doherty shortly after the end of basketball season. Despite taking SMU's small corner of Dallas by storm upon his arrival, all Doherty has to show for his his six seasons of effort was a 80-109 overall record with one trip to the CIT Tourney. That's bad, even by the un-lofty standards we have set for ourselves here at TCU. Doherty, once college basketball's Coach of the Year, realized the same thing June Jones has: SMU is all hat, no cattle when it comes to athletic prowess.

So now, SMU finds themselves in a bit of a predicament. They have the only arena in America that can rival the DMC in shittiness - although I believe ole Moody Coliseum has renovations planned in its future - and a program that lacks any sort of significant history or momentum. Say what you will about TCU and Jim Christian, but at least we're entering the Big 12 in a position of stability. The Ponies will serve one more year in CUSA exile before entering the Big East in 2013, so now was clearly the time to fire Doherty, but you can't imagine suitors will exactly line up at the SMU employment offices for consideration.

Just don't tell them that.

So let's harken back a few years to June Cometh. At the time, SMU's decision to stop being absolutely godawful and pay big bucks to hire a proven commodity was a major revelation in the college football world. If we're being honest, anyone not living in the 817 area code was kind of rooting for them, if only to prove that the evils of Craig James COULD eventually be defeated. Sure, June was clearly it in for the money - why on EARTH anyone would move from Hawaii to Dallas besides financial considerations simply does not compute - but in a sport FILLED with mercenary head coaches, who could blame him? And June has been great for the program - they've made bowl games, beaten their rival once, joined CUSA+ and... well, not much else, but I'm trying here.

Then something strange happened. June realized that money can't buy happiness and sustained success and briefly jumped ship to Arizona State. Despite the modicum of strides June had made in Dallas, despite saying he wanted to lead SMU into the Big East, he decided, "Nah" and made another in a line of selfish moves. Of course, he was almost immediately rebuffed by the ASU board and, in an ironic twist, replaced by the greatest mercenary of all in Todd Graham, but the message had been sent: You can only rise so high at SMU, but once there, the fall will be infinite. Of course, the most humorous thing about the whole situation is the way SMU welcomed him back with open arms like a battered woman, but that's the reality of their situation. SMU has a ceiling when it comes to success, and it involves losing to Army in bowl games and having your coach sniff around at second tier Pac 12 jobs.

So, after the clunkiest segue ever, you can see how SMU operates. They believe that by throwing lots of money at a situation, they can improve their lot in life, and that's exactly how they see this basketball situation playing out.

When Doherty was first let go, the DMN, as they are prone to do, made their own list of potential candidates, which you can view HERE. Some of them made sense. Staying small, there was UNT's Coach, UTA's Coach and UTSA's Coach, guys that all make sense because of their proximity to SMU and because a Big East job would offer more prestige, not to mention the financial windfall. Moving up the ladder you have a hodgepodge of retreads - former Nebraska Coach Doc Sadler, who was just run out of town with torches and pitchforks - assistants - Former OU Head Coach/current Duke assistant Jeff Capel who will likely be a candidate for better jobs after the season, Marquette Assistant Tony Benford and Indiana Assistant Steve McClain - and rising stars - Drexel's awesomely named Bruiser Flint. VCU's Shaka Smart got his name tossed around a bit in other circles, cut considering some of our own fans were delusional enough to think he would be a candidate in FW had Christian left, I shant cast stones.

Then there was the name that REALLY stuck out to me, at least until today - FORESHADOWING- in Xavier's Chris Mack. Following Sean Miller's departure for the Arizona gig three years ago, Mack has kept one of the mid majors heftiest trains rolling, taking the Musketeers to the Tourney in each of his three seasons. In fact, the Muskies are looking to knock off Baylor this very evening to earn their first Elite Eight bid since 2008. In other words, Mack has not only sustained the success his predecessors built, he may have actually improved upon it. If that weren't enough, Mack has held his team together this year despite one of the more notable brawls in recent NCAA history between his team and crosstown rivals Cincinnati, a brawl that resulted in multiple suspensions and, for the time being, threatened to wreck Xavier's season. So he's clearly a fabulous Coach, committed to his program. But the icing on the cake of the entire thing? Mack is Cincy native, played ball at Xavier - he left Skip Prosser's Wake Forest staff back when the Deacons were ranked #2 in the nation in order to take a lesser position at Xavier - and just signed a contract extension through the 2017-2018 season. Call me crazy, but methinks he's all in and ain't coming to SMU.

However, remember what I just said about Mack's name being the craziest suggest UNTIL TODAY? Well, that's because the latest name to surface out of the potential debacle that is SMU's coaching search is just beyond me. I'll give you a few clues - his team made this year's Sweet 16, plays in the same Conference SMU will be joining, is one of the most successfully stable programs in the country, once employed Dwayne Wade and he's impressively bald. Give up? It's Marquette's Buzz Williams. MARQUETTE'S BUZZ WILLIAMS! One of the better coaches in all of college basketball. A guy who makes $2 million year - Doherty made half a mil - and has a buyout so large that aggy and OU refused to negotiate seriously with the man. I don't care how ritzy SMU sees themselves, but if aggy and OU and their gobs of athletic revenue didn't consider hiring him, there's not a chance in HELL SMU will.

But what am I saying? Even if SMU DID pony up the funds - and keep in mind, they would have to pay him on par with what June is making to pull this off, plus come up with a buyout - why on EARTH would Buzz Williams give up that gig? Also keep in mind that the administration, despite rounding up the gang and paying June, basically cut the man's nuts off in recruiting due to admissions, thus not exactly keeping up their end of the bargain. These same standards would hurt Williams as well.

SMU's reasoning is that Williams has Texas ties - he's from Van Alstyne and has coached at several Texas schools - and that, if he's interested in aggy and OU, surely he'd want to come down to Dallas and rebuild one of the few programs in the country that might be in direr straits than TCU. Keep in mind, Williams went to college and coached in Oklahoma City and was an assistant at aggy, so he's familiar with those organizations and would thus be interested. Not to mention that OU and aggy, despite down years, actually have some basketball clout, fan support and winning tradition. Williams has kept Marquette at the upper tier of college basketball ever since he took over for Tom Crean and has a guaranteed tournament stamp punched for him every year. So it makes TONS of sense for him to leave a cushy job at a school where basketball is king and come start over at SMU, a school so dedicated to athletics that many suggested they should turn football into a club sport before June arrived. Sounds like a heck of a deal!

But clearly SMU still thinks its 1980 and believes you can buy your way to success so, if money is no issue issue, why don't the Ponies just hire Roy Williams? or Coach K? or Calipari? Heck, bring Bob Knight out of retirement or turn one of their on-campus meth labs into a reserach facility so they can regenerate John Wooden!

If location location location plays a role, steal Barnes from Austin or hire Scott Drew away from Baylor- that slimy asshole and SMU could not be more deserving of each other. I mean, if it's that easy, maybe TCU should hire Scott Brooks away from the Thunder? After all, he DID play for TCU for one year. CDC, get on that, who are you to doubt the SMU way?

SMU is just such a petulant child. You'd think they DIDN'T take advantage of TCU's regional success and back door their way into a "power" Conference after we turned it down. I suppose its the NCAA's fault for enabling them, but has one school ever taken such extreme advantage of an opportunity? Had Conference re-juggling happened in the Phil Bennett years, SMU would be fighting for table scraps in the WAC. As it happens, the Big East went to shit at the exact right time for SMU to get a desperation bid. And they think that makes them a major player in the marketplace? Child please.

But seriously, SMU - good luck in your coaching search. Shoot for the moon. I hear Phil Jackson is holding out on the Knicks just in case the Williams thing falls through...

And that's today's lesson in SMU hate.

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TCU heads to New Mexico for key conference series

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yet Another Awesome Spitblood Giveaway

In order to help promote the upcoming events at Texas Motor Speedway on April 13th and 14th, Spitblood has been invited by Samsung to take place in a pretty bad ass giveaway. We will be giving away 2 Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch phones, along with sets of tickets to Friday and Saturday's events at Texas Motor Speedway. This post is only to get you excited about the giveaway, details will be coming soon.

Frogs' last trip to Albuquerque

When the TCU baseball travels west to take on New Mexico this weekend, it will mark the end of the Horned Frogs' regularly-scheduled trips to Albuquerque as a member of the Mountain West and close the window of opportunity for us here at Spit Blood to make references to two of the best television programs ever produced- Breaking Bad and The Simpsons- as part of our coverage of the Frogs taking on the Lobos on the road.

The connection between the city and Breaking Bad is fairly obvious- the drama depicts Bryan Cranston as a cancer-stricken high school chemistry teacher who ventures into the world of cooking crystal meth and slowly but surely becoming a leading figure in the Albuquerque drug scene. Anytime the Frogs enjoyed a decisive road victory over New Mexico- such as the three game baseball sweep of the Lobos last year in which TCU scored 46 total runs or the 66-17 football thumping of UNM in 2010- I delighted in comparing the ferocity of those wins with the savageness of Uncle Hank's beating of Jesse in Season 3:

Unless you are an avid fan, though, the connection to The Simpsons may not be quite so straight forward. It all dates back to the March 2001 episode entitled "Hungry, Hungry Homer" in which Homer goes on a hunger strike to keep Springfield's minor-league baseball team, the Isotopes, from moving to Albuquerque. For a series that was already in its decline, this seemed like the kind of ridiculous plot device that would be quickly forgotten.

But then in 2002 the Florida Marlins' AAA affiliate, the Calgary Cannons, announced that they were moving south of the border and were, like the Springfield Isotopes, planning on relocating to Albuquerque. The city had previously had a minor-league team- the Dukes- from 1915 until 2000, so many just assumed the new team would carry that name. Those people underestimated the dedicated nerdiness of Simpsons fans, though. A whopping 67% of the voters in an online contest run by the Albuquerque Tribune picked "Isotopes" as the desired name for the new team, and after a bit of push back the team's front office signed off on the idea, creating a "life imitating art" legacy for the long-running animated series.

If any Frog fans are headed to Isotopes Park (also the home field of the New Mexico baseball team) this weekend, you can get your picture taken with the life-size statues of Homer and Marge at the stadium:

Defending the Horned Frog

It was brought to our attention from one of our readers that some blog named "straight pinkie" has named the Horned Frogs as the worst mascot in all of college sports.

Clearly, we disagree- but what makes it almost laughable is that this blog is based out of Kentucky. You know, the state whose major college teams are the Wildcats and the Cardinals. Those are both pretty awesome and unique names. This is kind of like having someone with the last name Smith tell you that your surname is stupid. I'd make fun of Kentucky's pro team names, but that state is too backwater to have one. And even OKLAHOMA has an NBA team now. The other funny part of this "honor" bestowed upon TCU is the reasoning behind the choice by straight pinkie's Cory Collins:

They’ve been the creatures inside the jar in your 8th grade science classroom, fighting for air as you wait to dissect their innocent, slimy bodies. Many of them didn’t have Elliott from E.T. to rescue them.

They’ve been the flat disks of green that color the highways, failing to make the other side because of large trucks and children who suck at video games.

They’ve been the puppets forced to marry grotesquely obese and annoying pigs, forever doomed to have private parts that smell like bacon bits and old ham.

They’ve been the princes awaiting a kiss from a beautiful woman. They’ve been the creatures accused of creating warts with their pee. They’ve been the bloated ball of sickly green that shows up in the swimming pool skimmer. They’ve even been tie-dyed and sold as emblems of peace.

You get the sense that Mr. Collins doesn't understand that Horned Frogs are actually lizards. But then again, maybe we should cut him some slack. Identifying creatures based on scientific classification is probably a tough thing to do in a state that still denies evolution. Maybe they should stick to horse racing, bourbon and cheating at college basketball and leave the science to the grown-ups.

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Who needs Tebow when you've got Kerley?

It's probably not often that I'll agree on things with Antonio Cromartie, but he appears to have shared the same thought as me regarding Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets. Cromartie, who does not appear to be a fan of the trade, has let loose with a torrent of tweets letting the world know how he feels. One of his many thoughts from today:

"We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley"

To be fair, he also mentioned that Joe McKnight could also serve in that function, but for the most part (minus the shaky grammar) he echoed exactly my initial thoughts on the trade. Why bring in an expensive and distracting option to run your wildcat package when you've got one of the most electrifying athletes around already on your roster? Kerley, who you'll remember completely confounded the BYU defense when he lined up at QB in '08 and who tossed the insult-to-injury TD pass against Utah in 2010, is a much cheaper and clandestine option who can also return kickoffs and punts as well as serve as a reliable pass-catcher in your regular offensive scheme.

This may be moot, though, as this proposed trade may end up not even happening at all. I sure hope it does fall through, because LaDainian Tomlinson and Kerley already have enough nonsense to deal with in the Jets locker room without this over hyped clown showing up.

Lessons in Graham "Seriously? Someone Hired the Worst Sportswriter not named Rick Reilly?" Watson Hate.

Former and current Yahoo! Sports "contributor" Graham Watson, in her prettier days.

As much shit as the world dumps upon ESPN and its various entities, I must say that with the advent of, I've softed my stance on the Great Satan a little bit. After all, we should all feel we owe them a debt of gratitude for turning the Dallas Morning News online into a pay website, thus shielding the masses from Tim Cowlishaw and his Nascar/Hockey talk in the midst of football. Sure, they may have hired Jean-Jacques Taylor, but if they're furthering the demise of the DMN, then bring it on.

Despite that praise, however, Yahoo! Sports has always been my favorite of the online sports sites as they skip the fluff and mostly go for the hard-hitting, not always popular stories. Seriously, everything that and report on was probably sourced from a Yahoo! writer and theirs are the most vital twitter feeds for breaking news.

But after reading this piece of absolutely donkey shit from ESPN ex-pat/Yahoo! immigrant Graham Watson, I may have to give Yahoo! up for good until they fire that imbecile. Please take a second to read the above link, then come back and let's have a fireside chat, shall we?

If you've followed TCU Spring practice news this week, you'll likely have noticed that Patterson, on the eve of spring break, made the comment that he plans to drug test the football team when they return. It's a relatively unique move for a school like TCU that hasn't had a major, media-driven, over-blown drug bust in the past couple of months that has grabbed headlines far more than any on field or classroom success ever could, but I guess this is just a case of Patterson exercising caution. I mean, it's not like the media has been suggesting Patterson runs a rogue program, has lost control of his team and had let things spin so out of control that he didn't notice that the Zetas had set up shop right in his own locker room, treating their position as TCU athletes as a secondary endeavor to their primary one of destroying America's Youth, right?

Graham's piece starts out benignly enough, pointing out the reasons why Patterson MIGHT be a little edgy and concerned about the kinds of activities his group of 18-22 charges might engage in on a typical Spring Break trip. But then the wheels fall off, and when I say fall off I mean explode into the dumbest piece of dumbshit seaward "journalism" ever penned. Rather than summarize, let me just post two of the last three paragraphs here:

Still, spring break is a time for a young man to, well, do young man things on the beach with bikini-clad ladies who attend church services and have no questionable intentions or morals. Patterson is OK with a young man doing young man things as long as those young man things include playing Parcheesi at home with their 85-year-old grandfathers...

...The Horned Frogs better enjoy this break because it's probably the first time Patterson hasn't had them under lock and key considering the embarrassment the program endured last month. So be good on spring break, Horned Frogs, because you'll have to pee in a cup to prove you were, and remember, big brother Patterson is always watching.

I've read it five times now, and I still can't get her angle. I haven't seen many accounts that suggest Patterson handled the whole drug bust situation the wrong way. No matter that it's the most bullshit drug bust in history, no matter that FWPD lied to the school about how they would handle it in order to make it more sensational, no matter that the media did the same by highlighting the football players involved in order to make it a national story. Despite all of that, Patterson held back nothing, immediately removing the 4 alleged "dealers" from his team with TCU following suit and kicking them out of school entirely despite none of them having their day in court. Patterson has never been known as a lenient Coach when it comes to boneheads trying to screw up his locker room, so that shouldn't really shock anyone.

But apparently Jabba the Graham, a journalist who, mind you, COVERED TCU almost exclusively for years, just presumed GP was the Ron Paul of college coaches, ripping J's on the sidelines and calling for an end to the war on drugs, starting with his football team. Despite Patterson being one of TWO Coaches' of a Top 25 team to run criminal background checks on any player he recruits, apparently Graham figured it was all just a facade and that, with a Big 12 invite, he'd turn into Urban "As long as you win me games, you can rape and murder and pillage all you want" Meyer for the sake of a few Ws.

I'm extremely averse to pointing out the obvious, but is she REALLY that dense? Does she REALLY not think that, will all eyes on TCU with this drug investigation and the NCAA just LOOKING for a reason to destroy any program that looks at them crossways, that Patterson should just say, "nah, screw it - go have fun, take pictures of yourself in Superman underoos, do drugs, impregnate drunk white women and give me a reason to kick you off the team. After all, you're just a kid and its Spring Break, it's what you're SUPPOSED to do!!" That Patterson, he's such a big meanie!! Please Graham, fill us in on how you suggest he should run the team.

Patterson has built TCU on winning, but reputation plays a major role as well. Patterson is, to put it lightly, a tough son of a bitch to play for, but his players respect him and fear retribution for screwing up. Kids coming to TCU know this and make the choice to play for that type of personality. Heck, Nick Saban puts together top recruiting classes every year, and Nick Saban's wife doesn't even love Nick Saban. Apparently being stern works. It's easy to say that Brock, Johnson, Yendrey and Horn weren't doing anything that doesn't go on at any other major program, but that's no excuse. That's how Patterson has run his team for a decade plus and I'm personally glad they are gone. Yes, it sucks to have virtually no linebacker and questionable line depth, but if those guys were dumb and brazen enough to do what the affidavits say they did, then get 'em out.

But no, Graham would rather Patterson be just like any other dumbass Coach who sacrifices character for wins because caring too much makes him "big brother". Just ask USC, North Carolina and Miami, to name a few, what its like to let the inmates run the prison. She's probably just mad because she lost her local connect. FWPD, take note in your next round of raids.

Way, way, WAY too early 2012 bowl projections

It may seem silly to try to prognosticate the college football postseason in late March, some 171 days before the Frogs even kick off against Grambling- but the folks at CBS Sports know that college football fiends like us will gobble up just about anything gridiron-related here in the vast wasteland of the offseason. That's why they've rolled out their ridiculously early bowl projections for the 2012 season.

So how does playing Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl (game, not stadium) on January 4th sound? Sure, I'd rather see the Frogs make a run to the National Title game or another BCS bowl. But my goodness, we are going to love the consolation prizes that the Big 12 has to offer as opposed to what non-BCS options we had in the MWC. Matching up against a former SWC rival in what used to be, still should be and hopefully some day will again be one of the top bowl games in the nation (that hasn't hosted TCU since 1959) sounds like a grand old time to me.

The projections for other Big 12 teams include Oklahoma facing Wisconsin in the Fiesta Bowl, West Virginia taking on defending national champs Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, Kansas State against Utah in the Alamo Bowl, Texas against Penn State in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas, Oklahoma State vs. Illinois in the Insight Bowl, Baylor against Stanford in the Holiday Bowl and Texas Tech against Pitt in the Pinstripe Bowl. The Armed Forces Bowl, which will return to Fort Worth this season (although the CBS article doesn't indicate that), is projected to host SMU and San Diego State.

Winning streak halted at 9

I'm not a big fan of losing, so I was hoping that the baseball team would turn my Monday night basketball frown upside down by exacting a bit of revenge on Texas State and earning their tenth consecutive win last night in San Marcos. It wasn't to be, though, as they dropped to 11-7 on the season with an 8-4 loss to the Bobcats. No shame in losing this mid-weeker on the road to a team that Jim Schlossnagle called "great" in the pregame interview and mentioned as a possible participant in Omaha this June. Yes, there were the five errors and twelve runners stranded and a less than stellar starting pitching effort by Trey Teakell, but let's focus on a few of the positives from last night's game:

-Maybe it was the inaccuracy of the Texas State pitchers, but I'd like to think that the ten walks drawn by Horned Frog batters were a sign of patience at the plate. Eight different TCU batters earned a free pass last night, with Brance Rivera and Davy Wright each earning two.

-Kyle Von Tungeln (2-5 with a triple) and Josh Elander (1-4 with a 2-run double) continued their hot streaks at the plate. Von Tungeln is now batting .369 on the year, and Elander has his average at .354 currently.

-True freshman Derek O'Dell, who came into the game batting .194, ripped a two-out, RBI triple to the gap in right center as part of the four-run rally in the 5th inning. Sometimes a big hit like that can inspire confidence in a young hitter.

-Fellow true freshman Jerrick Suiter, who has impressed at the plate so far with a .325 average and 7 RBI, struck out two batters as part of his perfect inning and a third of relief work on the mound.

-It sounded as if there were a good number of folks cheering for TCU amongst the 1,916 at the game last night. Good work by any Austin or San Antonio area Frog fans that made the trip to San Marcos.

-The Frogs are still unbeaten in conference play, and will have an opportunity to start another winning streak when they visit New Mexico for a three game weekend series at Isotopes Park in Albuquerque starting on Friday. Freshman first baseman Kevin Cron ought to be back in the lineup for TCU, and junior third baseman Jantzen Witte may be available to pinch-hit or even fill the DH slot.