Tuesday, February 14, 2012

TCU's Big 12 schedule out

The Big 12 has released it's official conference schedule for 2012, and TCU's looks like this:

Sept 15: @ Kansas

Oct 6: Iowa State

Oct 13: @ Baylor

Oct 20: Texas Tech

Oct 27: @ Oklahoma State

Nov 3: @ West Virginia

Nov 10: Kansas State

Nov 24: @ Texas

Dec 1: Oklahoma

This is in addition to TCU's scheduled non-conference games:

Sept 8: Grambling State

Sept 22: Virginia

Sept 29: @ SMU

A few other quick thoughts:

-We had heard for a long time that TCU @ Texas would be on Thanksgiving Day. This seems to indicate that it would be on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe we'll get some clarification on that later?

-Hosting OU on championship weekend? Holy big game atmosphere, Batman!

-Playing three conference road games in four weeks from mid-October to early-November is going to be tough. But we knew what we were getting ourselves into, right?

-Texas/OU is on October 13th...the same weekend as ACL. Add in TCU-Baylor in the same time-frame, and you've got an answer to the rhetorical question of "How could you possibly make I-35 any worse?"

-Giggity giggity giggity, Big 12!


VikingFrog said...

I like the old made up schedule better, only because I have to miss the Tech game now.

I'm assuming we open with Grambling and play VA and SMU between Kansas and Iowa State?

Either way it's a fairly salty schedule no matter how it works out.

VikingFrog said...

Viking Frog reading comprehension fail on non conference opponents.

Lyle Lanley said...

No, I went back and changed that after you had commented. Everything here is a work in progress, as highlighted by yesterday's first-ever censoring of a Spit Blood post.

bscooter26 said...

The second half of that schedule seems significantly more difficult than the first.

Cowtown Food Junkie said...

Looks like we could be 7-0 heading to Stillwater. Then it gets dicey. That final five game stretch is brutal. At least we have a bye before UT. But, this is what we want. Nobody will be saying "TCU's good, but I just don't know how good because of their schedule." Now, we win, and we're just good. Not more "but".

Also, if both teams are ranked heading into the OU game on championship weekend that will break the attendance record from the 2009 Utah game, right? That game alone should be worth a season ticket.

VikingFrog said...

Chip Brown (@ChipBrownOB)
2/14/12 11:12 AM
I'm told Texas and #TCU were both given byes on Nov. 17 for a reason. Look for their game to move from Nov. 24 to Thanksgiving. #Longhorns

Auxilio said...

I have a feeling the 2009 TCU-Utah attendance record will be broken multiple times this year. Assuming they can fit everybody in the stadium. If not, there will be a lot of angry people standing outside.

janorman74 said...

defintiely looking forward to this

Interesting they added us and OU on the last weekend - must see a potential big game there.

Can not wait for next season!

EdK said...

The good news is that all of TCU's "should win" games are in the first half of the schedule. The bad news is that all of TCU's toughest games on all in the second half of the schedule.

That sounds pretty obvious, but if things fall right, the way the schedule is set up, I am much more confident of TCU heading into the OU game with a solid chance for the Big 12 crown than I have been at any other time.

I NEVER would have expected that, but I think this schedule is GOOD. The Big 12 is a good conference, but none of these teams are SCARY.

I think the West Virginia game and the OU game are the toughest. I really think Kansas State and Oklahoma State are going to be .500 teams this season.

And it sure helps things -- think BCS rankings -- if TCU can start the season 6-0, 7-0.

LA Frog said...

WVU's first Big 12 game is hosting Baylor. Poor Baylor is not going to know what to do with themselves in Morgantown -- they serve beer at the stadium too so 4th quarter could get ugly

EdK said...

I just noticed this: TCU's schedule is almost exactly how I would rank the Big 12 from ninth to first (with the exception of swapping WVU and K State).

I wonder how the "every week is a tougher game" set-up will affect the Frogs? I think it's a good thing.