Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet Game Day Gear

A friend of Spit Blood recently acquired the rights to sell merchandise bearing the logo of the dear, departed Southwest Conference. T-shirts bearing the colors of multiple SWC schools (but oddly, not aggy) have been available for a while, but until recently only a few schools were deemed cool enough to warrant hats as well. The Frogs have now made that headwear cut, with not one but TWO colors available- the khaki, as seen above, as well as white. They're $25 each, and a purple or gray T-shirt (with a purple SWC logo) will run you $20.

Here's the website, and here is their facebook page- where they hope to get plenty of SWC alumni to take advantage of the bragging rights won on the field throughout the year.


LENEtown Fizzle said...

ill say it...that hat is turrible

Sir Wesley Willis said...

It's just like the TCU ones the varsity sells that everyone seems to be such big fans of.