Friday, February 17, 2012

Spit Blood Predictions: Opening Weekend at Lupton

I hate to sound like an ingrate for the recent rain we've had, but does Mother Nature really need to mess up the first three home games of the new baseball season? Then again- I don't have a yard and, like Jack Donaghy, I'm not a farmer- so what do I really care? I'm excited for baseball, and I don't want to wait another day.

With the arrival of baseball season, we welcome back our old Friday afternoon fluff content- Spit Blood predictions. It's your chance to show us that you can see into the future, with the added bonus that success might translate into semi-regular guest appearances on the Montel Williams Show. He's still alive, right?

So let's hear it- give me your predictions, in the comments section, on the following:

-How the Frogs will fare in the 3-game set with the Rebels.

-How cooperative Mother Nature will be over the weekend (I'm kind of sweating whether or not they'll play tonight).

-The weekend MVPs at the plate, in the field and on the mound.

-How freshman slugger Kevin Cron will do in his first collegiate action. Personally, I think the kid is going to be a star and a future fan-favorite. He'll be the mammoth first baseman wearing jersey #00 (according to his facebook page, "It isn't double's double ohhhhhhhh man I just hit a ball into the parking lot!").

-The final score of tomorrow night's TCU-Boise State basketball game on what I can only assume is a hideous blue court.

-The high-scorer in that game.

-And a wild-card. The Mavs visit the Knicks at Madison Square Garden Sunday afternoon. What will Jeremy Lin's line be against the defending champs, and what will the final score be? If you're going to reply with something like "I don't watch the NBA", go back to killerfrogs with the rest of the grumpy old men.


general125 said...

- Frogs win 2 of 3
- No game tonight, split the doubleheader tomorrow.
- Brance Rivera is the plate MVP
- I don't think Cron will outperform his harem of groupies sitting behind third base.
- TCU 54 Boise 43 in one of the most boring games in the history of college basketball. I've stepped foot on that court, and it's as underwhelming as you would expect.
- I don't watch the NBA, but the Mavs will win.

Lyle Lanley said...

I'm also gonna go with the Frogs winning 2 of 3. No game tonight (sad face), sweep a double-header tomorrow and then lose Sunday.

Merck gets a save in the two wins, restoring faith in the TCU 'pen. I also like Rivera to shine at the plate, although I predict Cron to go deep at least once. Give me one of the new middle infielders to impress everyone with their glove.

Thorns won't come up nearly as big as he did against UNLV, but I think JR Cadot's 18 are enough for the Frogs to get past the Broncos.

With no Delonte and no Beaubois, the Mavs just don't have the speed to keep up with Lin right now. But that is the case with a lot of the point guards in the league, and yet they still beat a good portion of them. Lin goes off, but the Mavs keep rolling.

VikingFrog said...

Bust out your brooms mother fuckers because the Frogs be sweeping this weekend.

Worth Hills Caddy said...

Lupton is raided by the TCU police. Everyone in attendance arrested on suspicion of "hand to hand transactions" with ticket taker. Baseball season cancelled.

65frog said...

Take out the broom. TCU Sweep, whenever played: 4-2; 5-1, 30.

65frog said...
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