Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reverse Jinxes are Cool.

TCU is Bob Wiley and the Postseason is Dr. Leo Marvin.

Yeah, so about that whole, "TCU is totally losing to Air Force" thing... GOTCHA, SUCKERS!!! A BRILLIANTLY orchestrated reverse jinx by THIS guy was clearly the impetus behind TCU's come from behind, three point win over the Air Forces last night. Right, Bill Simmons? (wanking motion). The win by no means washes off the stigma of the recent road losses to SMU and Boise, but it certainly allows the team to breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have Conference road win #1 under their belts.

(Ignores the sadness in the fact the win didn't come until the second to last roadie)

However, the biggest takeaway from this game comes in the oh-so-important RPI boost it gave the Frogs. Heading into last night's game, TCU was ranked 106th and in danger of slipping outside of lyle's carefully measured 129 spot window for the postseason with a loss. But as of this morning the Frogs have clambered up to 95th and, with a few well placed wins to close out the season, could threaten a coveted - at least around these parts - NIT bid. Falling short of that, though, you'd have to think that TCU has become a big enough name nationally to at least gain an invite to one of the ever-increasing shit tournament littering the month of March, a milestone for a program as destitute as ours.

But, to play homer for a second, the NCAA Tournament isn't ENTIRELY out of the picture. Of course, it would likely take the Frogs running the table to close out the season and a deep run in the post-season tournament, likely to the Championship game, which is a pretty unfathomable situation. But, consider this - the Frogs close out Conference play against late-blooming favorite UNM and season-long front runner SDSU at home where they are riding a 7 game win streak, with their road game coming against a fading Wyoming team. Those two home games give TCU what is likely one of the toughest season ending stretches in the country, not to mention the biggest chance to make a last minute statement which is incredibly important to the selection committee. Lose both of them and the Frogs drop spots, but it wouldn't be fatal to their post season hopes. Split them, and the Frogs probably gain ground but are still NIT bound at best. Win both? The NCAA is not in focus and a deep tourney run would still be in order, but having those two pelts alongside those from tourney bound UNLV and Virginia isn't exactly a bad resume. It still might not be enough, but nevertheless it would make for the most anticipated Conference tourney of the Jim Christian era and would leave no team wanting to face the suddenly dangerous Frogs.

Of course, the Frogs would probably sandwich those wins with a loss at Wyoming in between cancelling out all goodwill, so yeah, the NCAA Tournament is out of the picture. But a fan can enjoy the ride and have his delusional dreams anyway, right?

(reverse jinx, reverse jinx, reverse jinx).


Boyce of Summer said...

Your font and spacing just blew my mind

Sir Wesley Willis said...

hahahaha it blew mine when I looked at it. Blogger, everyone!!!!

VikingFrog said...

How cool would it be to be able to select the Frogs in my bracket?

Sir Wesley Willis said...

It'd be about as cool as losing your bracket... cause that's what would happen.