Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Dump






EdK said...

I enjoyed watching our Frogs out here in California this weekend ... just don't plan any reservations for Omaha.

ChiliCoyote7 said...

What happened for Travaris Battle-Smith to no longer be on the Frogs Football team? I really liked what he did as a special teams player and was looking forward to his season this year.

Thanks for any info you can give. Hope he is OK...

SnK said...

He got dismissed from the team, and it was not injury related. They rarely disclose more info than that. He was in the dog house a bunch though, so no real shock there.

Tanner said...


i would agree. i watched csf website (which has much better camera work than tcu, with only one camera). i didn't want to believe it, but the team is young, and they act like it. poor baserunning from bad coaching also doesn't help (sending cron home vs. ole miss? cmon). but as cliche as it sounds, there is alot of raw talent i think.

we have two ace closers as of now (which is awesome) and andrew mitchell? holy cow. just...on fire. rivera and cron getting healthy soon and getting cron serious playing time i think is essential.

while it does suck to lose, i like the constant switching of middle infielders. get some experience, see how they play, in an early season series against a good team. i think it will pay dividends later on.