Thursday, February 16, 2012

Morning Dump

"That whole thing":

15 TCU students among 18 arrested in drug bust

On TCU campus, week of joy turns to shock and dismay Star-Telegram

Galloway: Frogs' pristine image stained Star-Telegram

FWPD issued arrest warrant for wrong man in TCU drug case Star-Telegram

TCU takes swift action ESPN

If you're expecting to come to Spit Blood over the coming days and weeks to find us dwelling on this thing, you're going to be disappointed. Barring any new developments, we'll leave that to the rest of the Metroplex media that barely acknowledges positive news regarding TCU yet can't get enough of this case. Not that we're hiding from it, but what's done is done and it's time for the team to deal with We trust the leadership and integrity of the TCU administration and especially Coach Patterson and his football staff to deal with this in the correct manner.


Ventress' 25 not enough for TCU women Star-Telegram

Lady Frogs drop nail-biter to UNLV, 55-54

Other Sports:

Chris Del Conte's Notes on a Scorecard

TCU men's swimming team breaks multiple school records


Jenna said...

Bravo to you for distancing this blog from the ongoing media frenzy. I am so proud of the University Administration for handling yesterday the way they did. SpitBlood has said all along that 2011-2012 would be a rebuilding in more ways than one. Bring it on.

Hail to thee, TCU.

VikingFrog said...

The power of the internet can be disturbing when you look at how the events unfolded yesterday. It's scary to see how quickly news and speculation travels.

In my opinion, something's a little fishy about those affidavits. A) Why would Tanner start talking with this dude about failing drug tests, the team, etc. B) Why would the officer include that in his affidavit? It really had no bearing on the arrest warrant.

Just doesn't add up to me. Not saying it didn't happen, but it just seems weird to me.

VikingFrog said...

Seems to be a bit of good news on a cloudy day.

Star Tel reporting only 5 failed drug test.