Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I Hate Sports

My commute to work this morning was a lot more musical than normal. That's because when I have a grumpy-face sports experience like I did last night, I tend to shy away from my usual sports-talk companions for my drive. Compounding this was the fact that 91.7 is in the middle of their fundraising drive, so I couldn't even listen to good music on the radio. You know what's more annoying than commercials? Being repeatedly asked to donate to your station. I'm too embarrassed to admit what sorry excuses for radio stations I tuned into today.

Not that The Ticket or 103.3 or whatever that other sports station is would even talk about TCU unless, you know, there was some kind of overblown negative story in which they could attempt to take their pound of purple flesh. So my evasive radio maneuvering may have been for nothing because they weren't going to mention TCU's 1-0 baseball loss to Texas State or their 71-59 basketball loss to Wyoming. But they were sure going to be talking about the cherry on my shit sports sundae, the Mavs' 93-92 loss to their future point guard, Deron Williams, and the dreadful New Jersey Nets. I know there are plenty of Spit Blood readers (and about half of our contributors) that find pleasure in the Mavs' suffering, though, so I'll focus more on the crotch-kick that last night was for the purple & white.

The most frustrating thing about the 1-0 loss to Texas State is that the slew of newcomer pitchers Schloss put on the mound last night pitched well enough for the Frogs to win. Brandon Finnegan struck out 8 in his 5 innings of work, while fellow freshman Preston Morrison and JUCO transfers Justin Scharf and Kevin Allen combined for four scoreless innings of relief work in which they showed the ability to work out of jams and keep TCU in the game. The offense simply didn't show up for this one, managing to reach base a grand total of just 6 times all night while striking out 13 times as a team. It should be noted that the Frogs committed 3 errors, and really 4 if you count the stolen base Morrison allowed in the 7th when he failed to monitor the runner at second after surrendering a walk. Those miscues didn't lead to any additional runs, but they are the same kind of problems that faced this team all last season. I'm hopeful to see them come to an end soon.

If you don't believe that our own Sir Wesley Willis is some kind of mad basketball genius and didn't pay attention to his three keys to last night's game in his preview, maybe you should reconsider. Key #1: get Amric Fields involved. When the on-again/off-again superstar in the making plays well, the Frogs win. But he scored just 6 points on just 7 field goal attempts last night in Laramie. Sure, that's somewhat efficient- but it's also the mark of someone who was fairly absent. Key #2: three-point shooting. The Frogs have lived on the three ball in many of their big wins, but they died by it last night by shooting just 6 of 22 (27%) from beyond the arc. Key #3: pressure defense. Like long-range shooting, TCU's tenacity on defense has been a big reason why they've turned things around this year. But last night, they allowed Wyoming to shoot a blistering 53% from the field and forced just one turnover the entire game. Going 0 for 3 in those key areas hurt, as did not having a single player record more than 4 rebounds and shooting 57% from the free-throw stripe as a team.

But you know me, I'm not enough of a pessimist to stay down in the dumps over these losses for too long. Both teams have a chance to turn things around quite quickly, with Oklahoma State coming to Lupton for a three-game set this weekend and Jim Christian's squad having a chance for a third consecutive win over a Top 25 team when San Diego State visits on Saturday night. Hopefully some big wins in those games will re-ignite my appetite for sports. Until then, I'm thinking about going home sick for the rest of today to watch the cable marathon of "Leap Dave Williams" and turn my sports tears into candy.


purpleheart said...

Amen. The Mav's lose was horrific and sickening. But what was worse was walking out of the AAC checking ESPN ScoreCenter and seeing TWO L's for the frogs. I couldn't get to a bar fast enough!

Sir Wesley Willis said...

The key to my picking success is the fact that none of our readers follow the basketball team and can't call me out for mistakes.