Monday, February 13, 2012

Chance to heckle Craig James tonight

If you're like me and want to get a direct answer about whether or not CRAIG JAMES KILLED FIVE HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU, want to get an ironic signature in your copy of "Swing Your Sword" or just want to heckle our least-favorite professional college football player turned talentless media member/helicopter Dad turned politician, tonight may be your chance.

As part of his quest to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison in the U.S. Senate, Craig will be speaking at an event for the Dallas County Young Republicans. The event is from 6:00-9:00pm this evening at The Londoner, which is located at 2909 Thomas Avenue in Uptown Dallas.

I can't make it- but if anyone out there can, we'd love to hear about drawing him offsides with a well-worded question about any or all of his personal scandals. A youtube video that we could post on here would be best, but even just a short anecdote would be worth a few chuckles. I'm looking at you, WWHD...

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Rotten Arsenal said...

DAMMIT!!! I had to work... I so wanted to get his autograph so that above it I could write, "Yes, I killed 5 hookers while at SMU. Signed,"