Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stay Positive: A TCU Basketball Saga.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah, so about that whole "staying positive about every loss" posts thing... I forgot to mention it doesn't really apply to 23 point losses. No one expected TCU to win. Heck, no one expected TCU to keep it all that close. But covering a gaping 19 point spread would've been an accomplishment, right? And there's just something about the 100 point barrier that makes a loss feel that much heavier. PERSONAL ANECDOTE TIME! I can remember, back in my glory days of JV Basketball, a game in which my team inexplicably navigated our way to the Championship game of some tournament and got blasted 97 to something that wasn't anywhere close to 97, like maybe 40. The team in question hit the 97 point mark with probably 2-3 minutes to go, then spent the rest of the game firing off 3's in hopes of hitting triple digits. When the clock hit 0:0 and they didn't, even though we got our asses absolutely handed to us, there was some sort of small victory we all felt with not giving up 100. Guess TCU can't claim that one. And when you start talking about your NCAA Division 1 team in terms of your JV Basketball team getting beat by 60 points nearly 15 years ago, you officially have no hope of post season success and it's time to end your post. Let's just forget this game and post ever happened.


Lyle Lanley said...

Last night was a bad basketball night. Very winnable games coming up against Boise & Air Force.

FroggyStyle said...

My progressive thought process yesterday:
19 pt spread…Maybe. Just in case though, I’ll tease it up to 22 pts. NO WAY we lose by that much. 23!WTF!? Well Shit…I just got Ross Eveans’ed.

Sir Wesley Willis said...

If you bet on TCU basketball and aren't betting against us, then you're just a silly, silly gambler.