Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Spit Blood Homework

Instead of a daily discussion, I'm assigning you all homework for tonight. That's right, homework. Who ever said this blog was fun? As you've probably heard, the athletic administration is hosting a "Seating Summit" tonight to address topics surrounding seating assignments, ticket pricing and more in the soon to be completely-renovated Amon G. Carter Stadium. It's at 6:00 at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum for those of you in Fort Worth, or streaming online at gofrogs.com for those of you anywhere else in the world.

Obviously, not everyone can be there tonight, and I'm guessing a large contingent of you won't be in front of your computers at 6:00, either. Those of you that are attending or watching, though- please use the comments section on this post to give us a summary of what you've learned. It will be greatly appreciated.


Lyle Lanley said...

Sounds like plenty of season tickets will be available for $200 or less...albeit they aren't the best seats in the house.

Also some seats that will include a donation (of varying levels- sounded like $25 up to $300 or so) to the Frog Club, which would be tax deductible.

Much like the process for picking classes when you were back in school, everyone will be given a specific date & time when they can log on and select their seats. Sounds as if you're going to want to be near a computer at your specified time.

There is an apparatus in place to allow people to sit next to friends. But since seating will be based on priority points, it's probably unlikely that a big group of 15-20 or more will be able to sit together. I could be wrong about that, though.

They should be sending this info out to everyone (or at least current season-ticket holders) via mail in the coming weeks.

If you have questions, don't ask them to me. Call the Frog Club or the Ticket Office.

Now for what TCU fans do best...the complaining!

Jimbo Frog said...

This pdf explains it really well


Worth Hills Caddy said...

Summary: Old people are mad and confused.

Jimbo Frog said...

Worth Hills, you are a cruel yet hilarious person (thanks for making me laugh)

coldskeet said...

The AD also stated that TCU will take A&M's position in the scheduling. So our home games this coming season will be Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Iowa State and Kansas State.

dallasfrog said...

I learned that the older lady we see on TV all the times wheeled herself into DMC to leave even more confused.

NurseFrog31 said...

So if we get to fill aggy's spots on the schedule, does that mean we definitely get UT on Thanksgiving? Because that would be great, the entire NurseFrog family will be present for that one.

Shelley said...

At first, I was getting scared. They kept talking about how we needed to provide scholarships, that this isn't the program of yesteryear and about the possibility of us not liking them at the end of the night. But then I was very (pleasantly) surprised. Our side of the stadium is still very affordable.

As Lyle mentioned, a time will be assigned to buy tickets, be it in person, over the phone, or on-line. You will have three minutes to complete your purchase before your time is up and they move onto the next person down the list of priority points. The on-line system is actually very cool. It's similar to what Ticket master has started using. You can see exactly how far up and where on the row your "backed seat" will be.

The seat sharing works by being buddies with someone who has more points, and them giving you some of their points (or vice versa) to bring you both to the same level. This allows you to purchase tickets at the same time so you can sill sit by people you choose. Forms will be mailed out and must be returned by February 6 for this.

Yes, the old people are mad - so are the middle aged men who have "held season tickets for 15 years, has been to EVERY bowl game and has given up buying tickets through TCU because he can get a better seat for the same price."

So in short - they are re-seating the entire stadium. This will be the only time "while [CMFCD] is at Texas Christian U" that this will happen. Once we buy these seats, they are ours until we decide to give them up.

Here are the links to both presentations and the seating structure.