Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Year Ago

Exactly 365 days ago, many of us were out in Southern California to witness the crowning jewel (so far) of the Gary Patterson Era of TCU Football. Even a year removed, it's still pretty surreal and still difficult to wrap one's brain around the fact that our beloved, tiny private school in Fort Worth, Texas...WON THE ROSE BOWL!

There have been numerous moments over the past decade or so that have helped put Frog football where it stands today, but none of them even compare to the effect that the Rose Bowl victory made for TCU in the court of public opinion. We all already knew how good this program was and had the potential to be, but last January 1st made that reality also the national perception.

I really couldn't afford to go out to the game last year, but I'm so glad I found a way to scrounge for airfare, a hotel room, game tickets, etc for it. We all have fantastic memories of 1-1-11, but the greatest part is that those memories aren't likely to fade any time soon.


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jw said...

We need to give Gary a national championship clause

Hollywood said...

Such a great game!