Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet the Future Frogs: Jaden Oberkram

I don't think I have to tell you that the place-kicking job at TCU is open now that a certain #37 has exhausted his eligibility. The TCU coaching staff addressed this anticipated opening and went out to recruit a kicker. They held a special camp for kickers and punters last June, and a week later had a commitment from Arlington Martin's Jaden Oberkram.

Like Ethan Perry, the incoming Frog punter, Oberkram is not a small guy. At 6'3", he's one of the taller place-kickers you'll see. He's got a big leg, too- having once hit a 54-yard field goal in a playoff game and having connected from 60+ on occasion in practice. That leg strength will pay off on kick offs, an area of the game that TCU has struggled at for years.

I had a hard time tracking down Oberkrom's official stats, and there were some whispers of him being benched for part of this last fall because of a disagreement with his coaches. I don't want to speculate any further on that issue, but wanted to acknowledge that it is out there. Either way, judge for yourself by watching him in action:


VikingFrog said...

I remember watching this video when we picked up this recruit.

Watch how effortlessly he kicks. Even his 54 yarders don't look like he's putting everything into it.

As a soccer player, I can attest that this is a very good thing. When you can get power and distance behing a controlled kick it's a very good thing.

Like a good golf shot, you don't have to swing the hardest to hit the ball far.

He's also got a lot of initial loft on his kicks which reduces the chance of getting blocked.

Just watching this video makes me excited for this guy... and he's a kicker. But having a sure fire kicker is good for any team, especially TCU.

Longest practice field goal 71 yards?!?! Yes please.

EdK said...

Interesting take, Viking. To me, he doesn't look very smooth at all, kinda punching the ball instead of having a good follow-through.

Hell, I can't kick a can, so what do I know?

PurpleFrog said...

Awesome kid from an incredible family. TCU is lucky to get him ad will be proud to have him. I can't wait to watch him kick! It will be nice not having to hold my breath every time!!