Thursday, January 26, 2012

Maybe it's a Big Ten thing?

A sexual deviant with THAT facial hair? You don't say...

More than a year removed from the Rose Bowl victory, you might think that it's a little excessive to still be piling on Wisconsin. Then again, those people were just TERRIBLE. Up until now, I thought the only thing Big Ten folks all had in common was their horrifically-overrated football teams and the fact that even their women could probably make a decent living as a shopping mall Santa. Turns out that at Wisconsin, much like Penn State, employees of the athletic department like to use their position of power to put their hands on younger males' junk.

The guy you see above in John Chadima, who until very recently was a Senior Associate Athletic Director at Wisconsin. The night before this year's Rose Bowl (which you'll remember, the Badgers lost to Oregon when overly-angry coach Brett Bielema forgot how long a second was), Chadima hosted a party at his Los Angeles hotel. At the party, Chadima used university funds to buy alcohol- including for under-aged kids. As everyone was leaving, he asked one male UW student-worker to stay behind and have a drink with him. He then proceeded to stick his hands down the kids' pants and, after being told not to do so, told the kid he could have him fired from his job.

You do have to give credit to the Wisconsin administration for at least swiftly acting on this, forcing Chadima out of his job very quickly after the incident. But after all of the bullshit we received from Badger fans before and after our little ol' private school beat their big, bad Big Ten champs, they deserve to have their athletic department dragged through the mud over this a little bit.


Rotten Arsenal said...

In a somewhat related note, I saw a graphic in USAToday this morning that declared Wisconsin as the statistical King of Binge Drinking in the USA.

Phrynosoma said...

Here is a good forum to bring up the fact that Craig James Killed five hookers while at SMU...maybe