Sunday, January 15, 2012

Long Sunday Afternoon Dump

Men's Basketball:

TCU men can't cash in on late rally in double OT

Frogs fall to CSU in double overtime, 95-89

I really hate that the current state of TCU basketball allows us to celebrate moral victories, but that's really how I'd describe last night's loss in Fort Collins. The Frogs were behind for most of the second half, but were able to come back to force not one but TWO overtimes, all the while showing they were better conditioned to the altitude than the Rams. Amric Fields had a season-high 20 points to continue his strong play of late, and Garlon Green brought down 12 rebounds. I'm glad to see someone hitting the boards, as 6'8" post men Craig Williams (3) and Adrick McKinney (0) were not getting the job done in that department.

Women's Basketball:

Shots fall for TCU women against Colorado State Star-Telegram

Lady Frogs take down CSU, 79-71

It's been a rough start to 2012 for Coach Mittie's squad, so it was nice to see them break into the win column for the first time since New Year's Eve and for the first time in the MWC slate. At 8-9 overall, it doesn't look like the Lady Frogs will be making another run to the NCAA Tournament this year. But it's also good to see them not just folding up shop because of a few key injuries. Senior Antoinette Thompson and true freshman Natalie Ventress combined for six three-pointers and 40 of the team's 79 total points.


TCU football will soon find answer for Big 12 question Star Telegram (Randy Galloway)

Why TCU bet big on football D Magazine

It's pretty refreshing to see the Frogs garnering attention from the Metroplex media outside of the completely mailed-in game stories that made up the entirety of their press coverage for so long. Galloway and the rest of the snarky columnists at the Star-Telegram used to turn their noses up at TCU, but he and Gil Lebreton have really come around on the Frogs...leaving only the talent-challenged Engels in the "I'll write about TCU if my editors tell me to, but I'll be sure to do it in a way to let the readers know that I feel like I'm above covering college sports" department. If you haven't read that D Magazine article yet, it's a good look at how the TCU administration has done such an outstanding job of putting the Frogs' athletic programs- and the university as a whole- in a position to succeed.

Football Alumni:

49ers special teamers comes through with big plays Sacramento Bee

Cowboys miss on TCU safety Colin Jones ESPN Dallas

Imagine Andy Dalton after a real offseason Cincinnati Enquirer

I'm not so sure it was as much the Cowboys "missing" on Jones as much as it was the Bridgeport product dodging a bullet by not being drafted by the complete trainwreck of an NFL franchise currently wearing stars on their helmets. Jones' fumble recovery helped the 49ers extend their second-half lead over the Saints on the way to victory yesterday. Coupled with the Patriots (and former Frogs Marcus Cannon and Malcolm Williams) completely dismantling the Broncos, there are already three TCU alums that will be playing in the conference championship round next weekend. That number could grow to five if the Packers (with Marshall Newhouse and Herb Taylor) beat the Giants later this afternoon.


TCU student Kendall Morris to compete for Miss America title
Daily Skiff

I don't have any commentary, but I do have a photo:


EdK said...

The D magazine brings up an interesting point -- no one really knows where all the money goes in college football.

Most schools say they lose money on athletics, TCU included.

But I am absolutely convinced that TCU's campus transformation (it looks completely different and more beautiful than it did just 10 years ago) -- and I'm not even talking about AGC -- is directly linked to TCU's football success over the last decade.

Rotten Arsenal said...

To which Engel do you refer? Mac or Jennifer Floyd? I actually cancelled my subscription to that rag because she pissed me off one too many times.

Lyle Lanley said...

Both of them

Sir Wesley Willis said...

At least they offed one Engel.

Also, EdK, I completely agree with you. It's funny how long it took Boschini to realize that Football was the tail that wagged the dog.