Thursday, January 5, 2012

Daily Discussion: Frogs in the NFL Playoffs

The NFL Playoffs begin on Saturday, and there are six former Frogs vying to win Super Bowl XLVI, which will be played in Indianapolis on February 5th. Andy Dalton has quarterbacked the Bengals into the postseason as a rookie and will face the Texans in Houston on Saturday, while the other five are on teams with first-round byes: Marcus Cannon and Malcolm Williams of the Patriots, Marshall Newhouse and Herbert Taylor of the Packers, and Colin Jones of the 49ers.

So today's daily discussion is, essentially, just asking you for your predictions on the NFL playoffs- albeit in terms of the TCU alumni participating in them. How far do you think each of the former Frogs will make it in the postseason, and which of them have the best chance to put a Super Bowl ring on their finger?


VikingFrog said...

Dalts to SB

Lyle Lanley said...

It's crazy to think it, right? But they did, for the most part, outplay the Texans in the first meeting. And the Patriots' defense is TERRIBLE. And then they always say that it's tough to beat any team three times, so maybe the third time is the charm for the Bengals against the Ravens!

I know, I know.

Probably more likely that Cannon/Williams, or especially Newhouse/Taylor get there.

supafish said...

I happen to think the Bengals and Dalton have just enough to beat the Texans!

LOLfolding said...

Dalton laid a fat steamy one yesterday. Newhouse is far and away the best positioned former Horned Frog to win in Indy.