Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year

I'm sure a lot of you are making ridiculous promises to yourself about eating healthier, gaining some arbitrary achievement at work or spending more time with your family in 2012, but I really don't care to hear about it. That being said, 2012 is going to be another big year in the lives of TCU fans- so let's make some new year's resolutions specifically for how we'll support the Frogs going forward.

As we did with the Christmas wish list, I'll start us off and then the rest of you can chime in with your two cents in the comments section:

-No more lame fandom. Being in the parking lot while the game is going on is pretty unacceptable. I'm not as severe an offender as most, but I will admit being a bit late to get back to my seat after halftime at a few games this year. It's time for all of us to quit acting like SMU fans.

-Invite non-TCU people to attend TCU events. Things have been getting better in this regard for years now, but there are still SO many sports fans in the Metroplex that haven't been let in on the secret of Horned Frog sports. Buy a few extra tickets and invite that neighbor, co-worker, or brother-in-law to come tailgate and go to the game with you.

-Tell a friend about Spit Blood. We started this site a few years ago with the purpose of keeping conversations about TCU sports going 365 days a year. We had just about a dozen readers at first- but we're easily up to, I don't know, two dozen by now. My guess is you know someone who is as obsessed with the Frogs and being a smart ass as the rest of us, and that they'd be a nice addition to the Spit Blood family. Get them reading and commenting ASAP!

-Expand your fandom beyond football. Like many schools in Texas, TCU has a lot of September to December fans. But depending on your own athletic upbringing, you probably have a passion for at least one other sport in which TCU offers a great spectator experience. Both the soccer and volleyball programs are setting attendance records left and right, and Lupton is fast becoming one of the best venues in all of college baseball. When there is eventually (hopefully) something to cheer for on the hardwood, it doesn't take a whole lot of energy to turn Daniel-Meyer into a hornet's nest for opposing teams. Heck, college tennis- I promise- is actually a lot more fun than you'd think.