Friday, December 23, 2011

Last-minute shopping?

If you're like me and never get your Christmas shopping done until the last minute, you can probably get a good chunk of it done with our friends (and paid sponsors) at The Varsity. They've got all kinds of TCU gear and other purple stuff in their shop on Bluebonnet Circle like shirts (the one above being my favorite), hats, jackets, ties, YETI coolers and even women's apparel. I don't know what their holiday hours are, but even if you can't make it to the store you can always order online through The Varsity's website.

Gracious Winner/Sore Winner: Poinsettia Bowl edition

"I think I was trying to suggest something about the duality of man, sir"

This was a feature that we debuted, to a mixed response, after the Boise game. I had originally planned on getting this posted the day after the game. But I, much like Sir Wesley, got a little rambunctious watching the game and was thus not feeling 100% yesterday.

The gracious winner says:

Whew. I think that was just about every TCU fan's reaction to the Frogs' 31-24 victory over the Bulldogs out in San Diego. We do not like losing bowl games, but that looked like it was a distinct possibility for much of Wednesday evening. Louisiana Tech was definitely a worthy adversary.

As much as we complain about the casual fan in our state not appreciating the achievements of teams outside of the big state schools that sell millions of T-shirts, it is definitely worse in Louisiana. In a state where a majority of the public don't support anything but LSU, Louisiana Tech has a pretty steep uphill climb to respectability in the football world. Add in the fact that they are still marooned in the far-flung WAC, and you get the sense that Ruston might be the most difficult place in America to field a winning football program. And yet, Louisiana Tech does it. As fans of a team that has succeeded despite the cards being stacked against us, we here at Spit Blood definitely respect what Sonny Dykes and his Bulldogs have accomplished.

In the game out in San Diego, the Bulldogs gave the Frogs all they could handle- and for much of the night, looked as if they might just pull off the upset. Colby Cameron kept the chains moving with the help of a tremendous offensive line that kept his jersey clean for most of the night and opened up hole after hole for the over-achieving walk-on tailback Hunter Lee. As any team bidding for an upset must do, they took advantage of every Horned Frog error.

Despite the loss, the future looks bright for the Louisiana Tech program. Sonny Dykes is an outstanding coach, and his Texas connections should pay off in recruiting for years to come. Much like Patterson's influence has helped the Frogs gain promotion to better conferences over the years, you can envision Dykes (with some help from the La Tech administration) gaining the Bulldogs a spot at the CUSA table now that SMU and Houston are departing. Beyond that, who knows...

The sore winner says:

Give me a break. You are still Louisiana Tech. Athletically, you are known for having a good women's basketball team before anyone else even halfway cared about doing so, a bumbling quarterback who appeared nude in a movie in which he played Kathy Bates' husband and a ringless power forward who once impregnated a 13 year-old while a sophomore at your school! Academically, well, let's just say Louisiana Tech would be a nice place to go to college for someone who didn't get into Texas Tech, and even the densest of the empty-headed mouth-breathers at my high school were able to do that.

As for the game, congratulations on coming up short in your Super Bowl against a team that barely even attempted to sound motivated for the leering press. The Frogs lacked energy, they lacked focus. They fumbled the ball and threw interceptions and missed tackles and racked up the kind of penalties that generally signal to an observer that they're just going to the motions. And yet, they simply flipped the switch in the fourth quarter and won the game. I'm the youngest in my family, so I played the part in many a 1-on-1 basketball game with the same dynamic as the Poinsettia Bowl. As I got older, though, I realized that celebrating moral victories is something that losers do.

Enjoy your time with Sonny Dykes, because it's not going to last. Once Tubberville finishes running the Red Raiders into the ground- which probably won't be long- Sonny is on the first flight home to Lubbock. Which is an upgrade on Ruston. Can you even fly out of Ruston? Much like the Horned Frogs have recently alligned with a more geographically-fitting conference, I suggest the Bulldogs do the same. I'm sure Sun Belt commissioner Wright Waters would take your call.

Frogs roll past Grambling

Jim Christian and the TCU men's basketball team began the process of shaking off the disappointing losses against Nebraska and at USC by dominating Grambling State last night at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, 85-53. Senior Craig Williams had a career-high of 25 points, while junior Garlon Green had a career-high 24. At 8-4, the Frogs now have eight days off before facing Tulsa at home on New Year's Eve.

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